Keeping Your Toddler or Infant Safe

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Having a young kid is exciting and amazing in so many ways. They learn new skills and develop awesome habits, such as compassion kindness and empathy! But imagine yourself being your toddler the next time you go to something like a candy bar, or let’s say a plane ticket without realizing that you’d accidentally left them behind (which has happened to most of us haha), how would you feel? You would be sad wouldn’t you? Now what if we told you that checking for passports twice before getting on the plane, or making sure that the correct child was placed onto the correct flight could prevent further issues from happening such as not seeing your son again?

It’s important for parents to keep toddlers safe when at . There are many things that can harm a child so it’s best to know what the potential risks there are and try your best to keep them from happening. There are many products available, or you can hire a professional company who can install items in your home so that your little one stays out of trouble while you focus on completing other tasks.

Either way it is important that you take precaution now to prevent risks later.

  • You’ll need to get down to your toddler’s level in order to keep him safe. The dangers that you encounter are far different from those of a curious two or three year old. Think like a toddler and look high and look low for dangers both inside and outside of the home.
  • Don’t take your eyes off of your child even for a second! Toddlers certainly have a speed that will give any cheetah a run for its money and in those seconds when you look away, your little one can be in the middle of a busy highway or in the six-foot end of the pool (or one of any other scenarios.)
  • Don’t lie anything down that is within the reach of your toddler! Lighters, matches, guns, and any other item that is dangerous should always be put out of the reach of toddlers (and, of course, guns inside of a locked cabinet.)
  • Don’t allow your toddler to play with plastic bags. They can easily suffocate a child or choke them.
  • Avoid burns by using the back burners on your stove and by turning all of the handles toward the back of the stove.
  • your child not to approach strange pets is also an essential step in toddler safety. Big furry dogs are a sure delight for little ones, but a dog bite could be the result.
  • Use safety latches and locks, as well as the many other safety products made to keep babies and toddlers safe. These products are available at most stores and prevent accidents from occurring in the first place.
  • Cleaning products have a proper home and that’s not within eyesight or reach of your toddler! Cleaning products can be hazardous to your toddler. Keep these products in a cabinet high above the reach of a toddler (and too high even when climbing in a chair) or inside of a locked cabinet that includes a safety latch.
  • Never let your toddler put foreign objects in his mouth. Not only is this unsanitary, it also causes a major choking concern.
  • Use furniture with rounded edges or protect those sharp ends with furniture end covers. Bumps into tables and sharp corners of furniture may hurt you but for a toddler they can be even more serious.
  • Keep toys off of the floor and inside of a toy box. Toys can easily cause slips and falls, and certain toys, such as LEGOs, cause immense when stepped on! Trust this statement and don’t try it out for yourself!
  • The bathroom plunger is viewed as a toy for your child! While you do want to keep a plunger in the bathroom, it shouldn’t be within the reach of toddlers.
  • Use safety kids to prevent kids from entering other area of the home where dangers may lurk.
  • Use safety cords on window blinds cords. This is a leading cause of ER visits for toddlers; make sure that you prevent this kind of accident with your little one.
  • If you have or decor on the walls, is each piece properly secured? Toddlers that can easily detach photos from walls are in danger. Take extra precaution to secure photos that you hang on the walls.
  • Always use a car seat when with your toddler, even if it is only a short distance. It is the law and it is the only way to ensure your child’s safety.
  • Door safety latches ensure that windows and/or doors aren’t opened by little ones as you travel to your destination.
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