Healthy Mommy, Healthy Baby: Tips

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Being pregnant is an amazing time for you and your husband! You both want to do everything you can to make sure you have a happy and healthy baby. Here are some guidelines to follow for each trimester of your .

FIRST TRIMESTER (Weeks One through Thirteen)

1) Taking a good quality prenatal multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement every day is important. Make sure to get extra folic acid during this period.
2) Make your first appointments with your obstetrician. Having your husband come with you to your appointments, especially your first ultrasound, can be a great experience. You will be able to see your growing baby together for the first time.
3) Consulting with your obstetrician and deciding where you would like to give birth is an important decision. There are several options available, including a hospital, birthing center, or home birth (extra supports are required). Choose the option that feels right for you and your family.
4) Eat a healthy, balanced with plenty of fresh fruit and , and whole grains. Concentrate on foods high in folic acid and iron.
5) Drink eight glasses of fresh water every day.
6) Exercise every day for thirty to forty-five minutes. Consider fun and low-impact cardiovascular exercise such as walking and swimming. Think also about doing muscular training and stretching exercises, such as yoga or Pilates.
7) Eliminate or drastically lower your intake.
8) Limit or eliminate your intake of fish, especially ones high in mercury like tuna.
9) Pregnant women should avoid coloring their hair.
10) When feeling tired, pregnant women should take a nap.
11) Pregnant women should read several quality pregnancy books and share the new knowledge with their husband.
12) Pregnant women should consider writing a pregnancy blog or to record this special time.

SECOND TRIMESTER (Weeks Fourteen through Twenty-Six)

1) Keep going to your obstetrician appointments. Bring your husband with you.
2) Don’t give up on your healthy pregnancy diet.
3) Keep doing cardiovascular exercise and stretching/ strength training.
4) Get a few professional messages from a registered therapist.
5) Buy a pregnancy body pillow to help you sleep better.
6) Take parenting and classes together with your husband.
7) Start researching different childcare options that will for you once you return to work (unless you’re planning on being a stay-at-home mom).
8) Enjoy maternity clothes! Find clothes that make you feel good and flatter your special pregnancy figure.
9) Start shopping for your baby’s nursery furniture and decorations.
10) Buy a baby name book and start brainstorming names with your husband.

THIRD TRIMESTER (Weeks Twenty-Seven through Forty)

1) Choose your pediatrician. Ask for recommendations from family and friends.
2) Continue attending your obstetrician appointments with your husband.
3) Tour the hospital or birthing center where you will be delivering your baby.
4) Prepare your baby’s clothes and linens in advance by washing them with a gentle baby detergent.
5) Arrange for the care of your older children or pets if applicable.
6) Prepare your baby’s nursery in advance by setting up the furniture and decorating it to your liking.
7) Start packing your hospital bag a few weeks before your .
8) Try to and practice deep breathing in the weeks leading up to your due date.
9) Enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy with your husband and family.

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