The Modern Ache – Why You Aren’t as Happy, Successful and Fulfilled as You Should Be

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Lets ask ourselves a very simple question: what do we think about when we hear the word ‘fulfilment’? Let’s not focus too much on the big aspect of our lives like , friends or a partner. Instead, let’s ask ourselves if fulfilling a feeling is different from achieving -fulfilment or bettering your own life. What does self-fulfilment mean to you then?

The story of a modern man is an interesting one. How many of us are familiar with it?

The Plight of the Modern Man

Most of us were happy when we were younger. We were excited to discover things and learn about the around us; our parents helped us to gain so much knowledge during this in our lives. Every day was like an adventure, and we grew and developed as we went from one place to another.

You probably got a little more serious around high school when you figured out you needed to be more serious about your academic pursuits. You probably discovered a classroom that sparked interest and decided to pursue further studies in the subject into college. When at college, you met and discovered that the world was much bigger than your hometown or city. Upon graduation, you were ready to take on the world.

Finding yourself out of can be devastating. But don’t give up, as it happens to many of us at some point in our careers. If you haven’t been completely honest about your qualifications with past employers and need a way to prove your skills, try building your own projects ‘ just be sure to share them on social media so potential employers can find you!

You may have a degree in science or literature, but chances are that you’re working at some sort of 9-5 office gig. It isn’t your ideal scenario, and many days you wonder why you went to school for 5+ years and got stuck in this rut. But not to worry – remember that love is out there and with some positive thinking, who knows what can happen?

You’re happy together – you’re both young and attractive, after all. You decide to move in together, but now you have a whole new set of responsibilities on your plate keeping track from work, making sure there is in the house , and quite frankly paying the rent. There are so many other things that you need to do at this point that it’s hard to find time for going out with friends or even staying in shape or pursuing your dreams as an individual — because your personal life has lessened by both space and time!

Now you’re coming home a little later and a little more tired and you have less time to spend with your partner. But you’re committed to building something together, so you get married and buy a house. Only now, your responsibilities are much bigger. Now, you’re working until 6 or 7pm on a regular basis and can’t see an easy way out. Then, the pipes burst one day and leave your home flooded in sewage, so you run up some hefty expenses making repairs to the house which adds more strain to an already stressful financial .

There are so many things that you can be proud of: having a job, a household, and coming home to your family is an achievement in itself. But sometimes it’s difficult to find time for yourself – after all, raising a child is truly a full-time job! One great way to take care of yourself and recharge your batteries is by immersing yourself in an activity you love so much that it becomes habitual. It doesn’t matter if this means taking part in , dancing with friends, or going on hikes because we have no better way of feeling more positive about ourselves than by doing the things we enjoy most.

Otherwise, you’ll become a tired husk of a person without any ambition or drive. This is no kind of impression to make – especially when it starts to affect your family.

You never travelled.
You never pursued your dream job.
You don’t go out with friends any more.
You’ve gained weight.
You look a mess.
Your house is untidy…

We all get a bit down once in a while – there’s no shame to it! And let’s face it, regardless of how much you work at improving your life, bad luck sometimes just rains down on us. It becomes hard to deal with and even harder to get past. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you make some positive changes in your life! In fact, starting now things will begin looking up.

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