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Choosing a Double Baby Stroller That Works for You

Choosing a Double Baby Stroller That Works for You

When you have more than one child, and both are of the age where you need to have them in a stroller, it’s impossible to push two separate strollers unless you and your spouse are both on the outing. But will your trunk have enough room to fit both strollers?

There is a better way. You can invest in a double baby stroller that best suits your needs. Let’s go over the various baby stroller options for double occupants. The first thing you may want to consider is how the children are situated in the stroller – side by side, or with one behind the other?

Side by side double baby strollers are good for twins or children of a similar age. You may want to see if you have enough room for this version in your car, since it’s much wider than the others.

There are lightweight double baby strollers where the kids sit side by side, and bulky, heavy duty strollers, so you may need one of each depending on how often you and your family go for outings.

Most double baby strollers weigh about 40 pounds, so if you need something more lightweight, make sure you read the manufacturing details. Lightweight models are about 25 pounds. Some of the double baby strollers become ineffective once your children reach a certain combined weight, so make sure you see what those restrictions are.

Tandem seating for double baby strollers are deemed most practical for parents who have children of two different ages, like a two year old and a newborn infant. Both levels recline down in many models, but the stadium style seating lets the back child be raised up a bit so they can still see straight ahead.

And if your children do well together, then you might want to make sure you specifically pick out a model of baby stroller where the seats can turn and face each other. That way your kids keep each other entertained.

There are even double baby jogging strollers for moms who want to get their figures back fast and dads who want to take the kids out for a daily jog. The kids will often sit side by side, but there will be one wheel in front in the middle of the stroller.

For portability, make sure you find a double baby stroller that comes with a strap on it for when it’s collapsed. A should strap makes it easy for you to carry upstairs or into your home when you already have two children to carry in addition to the gear.

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