December 7, 2022

Could Your Child Be the Bully at School?

It’s a fact that kids who bully have often been or are being bullied themselves. Kids bully because of peer pressure and to build social status. Some kids are merely repeating behavior they’ve witnessed in their own home or among family members.

Because bullies come in all ages and size, it can be difficult for some parents to believe that their child could be a bully. Even so-called ‘good’ kids bully. These are kids who are active in various social functions, get involved in community programs and seem sweet and gentle.

They may be popular and because of the popularity, parents often assume their child would never do such a thing. But bullies will often not present their bullying side to the adults in their lives.

If bullying does cross a line and school officials or law enforcement get involved, these same parents are often shocked that their child is involved. However, there are some definitive warning signs that can tell you if your child is bullying other people.

If your child seems to get into a lot of arguments, especially with one particular child at school, it’s possible he could be a bully. It’s also possible he’s bullying others if he seems to get into numerous physical confrontations.

If you notice that the people your child hangs out with have a reputation for being bullies at school, then the odds are high that your child is also bullying others. Those who bully other kids often surround themselves with people who also bully.

There may be signs of anger, contempt for authority and aggression in your child. Sometimes those who bully others have an entitlement complex. They feel like the world owes them and whenever issues arise, they may refuse to accept responsibility for anything going on in their life.

Not getting homework done will be blamed on others or the teacher. Getting a bad grade will be someone else’s fault. You may see signs that he has items that aren’t his, especially if the items are expensive.

He may not be able to explain to you where he’s getting the money to buy things with. He may also be overly concerned about how others view him. If you do discover that your child is the bully, how you handle the situation can go a long way to changing his or her view of bullying as a whole.

If it’s the school administration that’s notified you of bullying behavior, it’s important that you back the authority up. It’s also important that you get to the root of why your child is bullying others.

Sometimes those who bully are trying to work through emotions and bullying is their outlet. If your child is a bully and doesn’t understand the detrimental aspects of this, having him talk to a counselor can help.

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