Introducing an Adopted Child to Friends and Family

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When you bring your new baby home from the hospital, it’s natural to have friends and stop by to meet him. This is often done through an informal visit in which the introduce their baby and provide a little bit of information about the ’s past and developmental progress. Adoptive parents experience levels of joy similar to those of other expectant parents when they get to show off their new child, too!

It’s fine to plan parties and celebrations for when your baby is born. We know that sometimes things can change at the (after all, babies do their own thing) but we’d like to encourage you not to worry about cancelling any gatherings until the itself. This is because it’s likely none of your guests will have travelled far to get there after all (if they did – it would be unlikely they’d turn back!) and most are pretty understanding of last minute changes. And we don’t want you or your partner to have that extra burden on top of everything else!

More and more, it is common for adoptive parents to be given the time they need before sharing the new baby with friends or family members. This is a special time in their lives as it will transform them forever, and so isn’t lost on everyone else present. You may decide to have an open house with some refreshments for a given weekend where people can come and go as they are able to see the new child face-to-face and they can wish you well too.

When you are adopting an older child, it is important to not rush the process. Of course they may want nothing to do with meeting new people but that is ok. They will get used to their new surroundings when they comfortable. As mentioned, this may be a fresh experience for children who do not have many parties thrown for them so they would naturally enjoy this type of gathering as it’s probably one of a kind!

Children should be taught what to call people they are introduced to. This is a common issue that often gets overlooked by adoptive parents. For example, when you introduce your new children each time to your friends and neighbors, make sure you explain this so that they know what is happening. Providing your kids with a clear idea of what to expect will them understand the more and make them feel comfortable as they meet new people who in time they’ll come to know.

Sometimes the simplest and sweetest celebrations can be the best. Some parents like to make it really big, but that’s not for everyone. Don’t be intimidated by society’s idea of what is acceptable. There are many ways you can celebrate with loved ones and friends, and not just random guests who might feel surprised that they were brought into an unexpected situation. Although birthday celebrations don’t have to be over-the-top or expensive, they should be organized around your child seeing as he or she is the center of attention. Some prefer making a simple party in their home while others enjoy going out somewhere like to a theme park where families could play freely in a controlled environment as well as take some together as a keepsake!

If someone else wants to have this type of event thrown in your honor, you can be happy and take advantage or decline the offer. If you accept it, it’s totally fine to make some rules for it. For example, you might say the event should be modest in or not too urgent. This way, when your adopted child is brought over, everybody will feel fortunate!

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