December 2, 2022

Don’t Let Dieting Turn You Into Momzilla

Daughter Helping Mom In Preparing Food

Those few extra pounds that came with baby, or just crept up over the years might be becoming bothersome. You may be dieting and working to get back into your pre-baby jeans, and that’s great, as long as dieting isn’t turning you into Momzilla!

There are several reasons why dieting can turn you into a less than pleasant person to be around, but for each of these reasons, there are also ways to counteract them. One possible way that dieting can cause grouchy moods in mommies is that if you aren’t watching the quality of what you’re eating, but are simply doing a drastic calorie cut, you may be causing your blood sugar to swing erratically.

This can cause mood swings. When dieting, you need to pay special attention to making sure that the meals you are eating are still balanced. Eating complex carbohydrates also helps because they don’t cause huge spikes in blood sugar, but they release their sugars slowly, so your energy levels and moods stay more even.

Dieting can also cause moms to feel tense and grumpy if they feel overly deprived. After all, if you are used to eating pretty much whatever you like in the quantities that you wish, you might feel like you’re missing out when you decide to cut certain things out and everything back.

Deprivation is not the best way to diet because it can lead to binging, which leads to feeling guilty or like a failure, which leads to tenseness and grouchiness. The best way to diet without turning into a momzilla is to diet sensibly and add a healthy dose of exercise every day.

For some, three square, healthy meals a day that are balanced with complex carbohydrates, proteins and a bit of fat (yes, everyone needs some fat), works well. Others find that eating five or six smaller meals a day keeps cravings and heavy hunger pangs at bay.

For those who suffer from fatigue and cravings in the afternoon, this method often works well. The most important thing is to keep your food intake balanced. Exercise cannot be neglected if you are trying to lose weight.

If you cannot fit a trip to the gym into your day, then put your little one in the stroller and get outside for a brisk walk. If your child is old enough to ride a bike, jog along beside him while he rides. Take a few extra trips up and door the stairs to the second floor. Or take the dog for a walk.

With all of us, the key to losing weight is diet and exercise. In order to avoid becoming a Momzilla in the process, set realistic goals, and be gentle with yourself. It’s not going to melt off overnight. Keep your meals balanced and full of healthy choices. Fit in exercise and soon you’ll be back in your skinny jeans!

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