Suggestions for Baby Toys Gifts For The Holidays

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Babies who are 6 months old or younger appreciate seeing and looking at things. Equally best, they like to listen to calming music as they rest and play with their favorite toys. The season is fast approaching. No doubt, many people are already making lists of gifts they’ll buy for the loved ones around them during this time of year. When considering holiday ideas intended for a baby who’s 6 months old or younger, it pays to remember the kinds of toys that babies find most enjoyable in each developmental stage. During infancy (0-1 years), infants enjoy colorful toys that rattle and stimulate their senses such as staring at blinking lights or listening to soothing music as they lie on their backs or stomachs and enjoy other movement sensations such as being tickled. Learning about ’s development can help guide an individual toward selecting meaningful gifts for the throughout one’s life including infants up to toddlers around the ages 2 years old.

Hope this article helps with the of things to keep in mind as you shop for for babies aged to 6 months.

More specifically, newborn babies (aged 0-2 months) become stimulated when they see, hear and touch different things around them. Exposing babies to objects like colorful toys and pictures are great for mental stimulation. It’s also been shown that classical music – which is soothing to the brain – actually has a significant effect on mental growth in infants too.

You can also choose gifts like hanging objects or toys that move slowly and make noise when moved (though subtle and not too loud or sudden) with primary colored elements as they are most likely to be interesting. If a toy is hard to make out then it’s probably too small or contains patterns that might confuse the baby. The key is to choose things that have a simple, clean design with no tiny details that the child might have trouble figuring out!

Having lots of toys with several features to touch and look at around your house is a idea as it helps to engage them. It’s important to keep some objects high up so they can’t easily be touched (as they may end up getting broken). But it’s also essential not to remove all the little toys that have bells and whistles altogether, as those actually help develop their motor skills right at this early stage of life.

One must take caution also with this kind of toys. Take note of the following: 1) no sharp points or edges, 2) no small parts to be lodged in throat, ears, nose, 3) no electrical pans, 4) nontoxic materials, 5) no glass or brittle plastic, 6) no pans to entrap fingers, toes, hands and 7) no long strings.

Baby toys and objects that are between the ages of 2-6 months, can be a great way to help stimulate your baby’s development. From touching to grasping, babies at this age have greater control over their motor skills. You may want to look into toys or objects around your house that can provide you with sensory play ideas. One example would be baby rattles where they shake the toy they enjoy and encourage them to reach for it!

If you’re going to a mall, you’re sure to see thousands of plush toys available for purchase. Stuffed animals and pillows can make great additions to a child’s room if that child is lucky enough to have a loving parent or guardian; but it’s best not to bring them into the crib, since they carry the risk of causing skin irritation or worse, suffocation.

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