Signs and Symptoms – How to Determine Pregnancy

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When you’re wondering, “can I be ?” it could be difficult trying to figure out. If this is not your first , the signs and symptoms of another pregnancy may seem pretty much identical. You’ll want to keep a close eye on the signs and symptoms or, simply check out one of our handy articles that can help answer everything for you.

Here are the signs and symptoms of pregnancy:

Late Period

This is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy, as many will experience that they do not have their periods for a significant amount of . It’s usually caused by a hormone fluctuation in their body that has gone from low to high and then back down again.

Morning sickness is an ailment that can occur when a female has early pregnancy. Morning sickness isn’t actually limited to occurring in the morning, it can happen at any time during the , and particularly often in your first trimester. It is caused by your body trying to adapt to the changes associated with carrying another life within you.

, Tender, or Sore or Nipples

A woman’s body undergoes a number of changes during pregnancy and one early one is in her breasts. This means her breasts start preparing for breastfeeding, which explains the increase in size and sensitivity.

Sleepiness or Fatigue

When you’re pregnant, you need to know that there are several things that can make you fatigued. The hormonal changes in your body and the emotion fluctuation duo are add-ons to this effect. Being pregnant naturally brings about central nervous system depression, which contributes to the sleepiness and subsequently makes you feel extremely tired.

Frequent Urination

As you enter your first trimester, you’ll probably start having to use the bathroom more often. You might have heard why this happens! Your growing is pushing on your bladder and causing it to retain more fluid than normal.


Some women experience the awful feeling of period when they are pregnant. This may happen because their uterus starts to expand in order to make room for the embryo that continues to develop during pregnancy.

If some of these symptoms apply to you, don’t worry. You shouldn’t be too concerned about them but if any of your friends say that you might be pregnant, call your doctor to get a check up.

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