Very Early Sign And Symptom Of Pregnancy – Initial Signs Of Pregnancy

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Watch out for very early sign and symptom of pregnancy. These symptoms are your body’s way of responding to the changes those occur to support growth of your fetus. Therefore, if you are planning pregnancy, it is imperative for you to know about all the pregnancy symptoms that you are likely to experience at the primitive stage of pregnancy.

Primitive Signs Of Pregnancy

If you are getting pregnant, you must be prepared to experience an array of symptoms, as follows –

1. Missed period – Often a missed period is considered a sure very early sign and symptom of pregnancy. However, your periods can be delayed under the condition excessive stress or as side effects of medication. However, if you use this missed period as an alarm of pregnancy, then you have for a long while and till then you are already pregnant by many weeks.

2. Vaginal spotting – Vaginal spotting marks slight vaginal bleeding after the few days of conceiving. You may notice little bleeding in the form of pinkish color because of the implantation of the fertilized egg at the inner lining of the uterus. This is an early sign of pregnancy.

3. Changes in breast and areola – This symptom of pregnancy is one of the surest signals sent by your body. Your breasts show significant changes during the earliest stage of pregnancy. These changes may include getting enhanced, feeling tenderness, pain and more sensitive. The areolas also show prominent changes as they become darker and show varicose veins surrounding the area.

4. Nausea and queasiness – Pregnant women tend to feel queasy and discomforts of nausea in the morning or even throughout the day. To alleviate discomforts of queasiness and nausea, stay away from some particular odors or flavors of foods that arouses this morning sickness or vomiting symptom. You are prone to avert from the foods you used to die for! Likewise, there are some foods most of the pregnant women crave for such as those greasy foods, chocolate ice creams, sardine sandwiches etc. This way you can deal with this early pregnancy symptom.

5. Increased discharge – If you experience a sizeable amount of increase in discharge, you may presume it as a very early sign and symptom of pregnancy. Such increased vaginal discharge is a result of formation of mucus plug as to keep the womb at a safe distance from bacteria infections and toxins. Such discharge marks no harm until and unless it is shown as greenish or grayish and contain foul odor. Call for your doctor, if you happen to observe such vaginal discharges.

6. Increased fatigue – an enormous degree of tiredness and fatigue may often dominate early stage of pregnancy. Low blood pressure during early trimester of pregnancy causes this tremendous degree of exhaustion and often leads women to take a nap. They must take care of themselves as they might faint due to this low blood pressure, which is an early sign of pregnancy.

7. Frequent urination – Because your uterus gets enlarged day by day to accommodate your baby, you may need to rush to the loo now and then and very frequently. In the early stages of pregnancy, frequent urination is your body’s response to hormonal changes and in later period, heavier uterus leads your bladder to release urination frequently.

Pay attention to the very early signs and symptoms of pregnancy to detect both progress and complications of pregnancy.

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