Very Early Symptoms That Could Help Confirm Your Suspicion Of Early Pregnancy

If you’re wondering how to tell if you’re pregnant, you’re not alone. Women may have early , but it is difficult to tell if they are signs of because these symptoms could also be caused by other things.

Very Early Pregnancy Symptoms:

Many pregnant women have early pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and fatigue. However, some women have no symptoms at all, except for missing their period. For some women, their busy means they’re not aware that their period is late, and they simply forget they didn’t get it.

If you’ve missed your period, or it’s late, and you’re experiencing or nausea, it could be a sign that you’re pregnant.

You may also notice changes in your appetite, and suddenly find that you dislike certain foods.

You might be pregnant if you’re suddenly craving certain foods. This is a very early symptom of pregnancy which indicates you are depleted in minerals.

Your might be tender and seem to be enlarging. The brown part of your nipple (the areola) is also becoming darker and bigger.

You might notice your energy level is lower, and you’re feeling tired all the time

If you’re pregnant, you may start to experience more mood swings than normal. This can be due to sudden hormone changes that occur during pregnancy.

You may also find yourself making more trips to the bathroom. However, you shouldn’t experience any pain when urinating. This is a common very early urinary symptom of pregnancy.

Headaches are another early pregnancy symptom that can be caused by hormone changes.

Diagnosis of Pregnancy:

If you think you may be pregnant, it’s important to take a pregnancy test as soon as possible. Home pregnancy tests are very sensitive and accurate, and can be taken using a sample of urine from your first trip to the toilet in the morning. A positive result means you are pregnant, while a negative result may not be conclusive, especially if you performed the test incorrectly or tested your urine at a time other than first thing in the morning.

Other Early Pregnancy Advice:

It’s important to seek medical or midwifery advice if you think you might be pregnant, in order to confirm the pregnancy and discuss your plans.

Tell your care provider immediately if you’re taking prescription medications while pregnant, so they can give you advice.

is important for pregnant women to take to prevent congenital abnormalities. A daily multivitamin with 400 micrograms of folic acid is recommended.

Adequate mineral supplementation is also important to prevent pregnancy . Eating nutritious food and increasing protein intake is essential for a pregnancy.

Alcohol and cigarettes should be avoided completely during pregnancy as they can be harmful to the developing baby.

If you don’t get your period within the next month, you should see a medical professional or midwife. This is because there may be an underlying medical condition.

Pregnancy Statistics:

Most pregnancies are unplanned.
Over 25% of all pregnancies end in .
And, each year, over 25% of women choose to terminate their pregnancy.

If you’re pregnant and feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone. Birth, A Conscious Choice offers amazing insights and comfort into pregnancy, miscarriage, , and termination of pregnancy. Whether you’re experiencing pregnancy for the first time, or you’re struggling with a previous pregnancy-related trauma, this book is for you.

Read that help make pregnancy easier for your baby by their perspective. By understanding your baby’s needs, you can help make their nine-month journey more comfortable and enjoyable.

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