Calcium Supplements and Pregnancy Nutrition

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Pregnancy nutrition for some women includes a large dosage of calcium supplements. However, the March of Dimes reports that a woman’s need for calcium is actually rather consistent through adulthood. Calcium supplements are important, though. In fact, most women are not getting the appropriate daily amount even before they become pregnant. Once a pregnancy nutrition plan is researched, they begin to understand the pitfalls of the standard diet.

The recommended amount of calcium for a woman aged 19-50 is about 1,000 milligrams daily. Only about 700 mg is more typically the norm. As a part of pregnancy nutrition, the proper amount is even more important because the baby needs some of those 1,000mg. When the food supply is lacking calcium the body has to take nutrients from other body parts, including the woman’s bones, and that’s why calcium supplements are important.
Natural Sources of Calcium

While calcium supplements are an important element in pregnancy nutrition, they should not be the only source of calcium. In addition to taking supplements, pregnant and breastfeeding women should make sure they are consuming other natural sources of calcium. One well known source is dairy products for those who consume dairy. Other natural places to turn include leafy (dark) green vegetables. Some foods are now also supplemented with calcium, as is the case with many brands of orange juice.

The Right Calcium Supplements to Choose

Women who think they get sufficient calcium from their daily vitamins should be aware they may not be getting the right amount. In fact, the amount contained in a typical daily vitamin is not even close to the recommended daily allowance. Issues with calcium being properly absorbed may be part of the problem For perfect pregnancy nutrition it is essential to choose calcium supplements that are recognized by the body and easily absorbed. The best picks are whole food calcium supplements.

Other tips for getting the most from your calcium supplements include taking them at mealtime and avoiding those that contain bone meal. According to the March of Dimes, those that include bone meal may also include several toxic substances that certainly should not be eaten, especially as part of pregnancy nutrition. By taking calcium supplements with food, the body is more prepared to assimilate the nutrients, and it helps you to remember when to take it.

Other Considerations when Adding Calcium Supplements to Pregnancy Nutrition Plans

The body cannot usually take in more than 60% of its daily calcium amount in one occasion. So, you can see the importance of taking calcium supplements more than once a day for perfect pregnancy nutrition.

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