Calcium Supplements and Nutrition

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According to the March of Dimes, for some women includes a large dosage of calcium supplements; however, a ’s need for calcium is actually rather consistent through adulthood. Even before becoming , most women are not getting the appropriate daily amount of calcium. Once a nutrition plan is researched, they begin to understand the pitfalls of the standard diet. Calcium supplements are important for pregnant women because they ensure that the developing baby has enough calcium to grow properly.

For women aged 19-50, the recommended daily amount of calcium is 1,000 milligrams. However, the average woman only consumes 700 mg of calcium per . During pregnancy, it is even more important to consume the proper amount of calcium because the baby needs some of those 1,000 mg. If the ’s diet is lacking in calcium, the will take nutrients from other parts of the woman’s body, including her bones. This is why calcium supplements are important for pregnant women.

Natural Sources of Calcium

Calcium supplements are an important part of pregnancy nutrition, but they shouldn’t be the only source of calcium for pregnant and breastfeeding women. In addition to supplements, it’s important to consume other natural sources of calcium like dairy products or leafy green vegetables. Some foods are now supplemented with calcium, as is the case with many brands of orange juice.

The Right Calcium Supplements to Choose

Although women may think they are getting enough calcium from their daily vitamins, they may not be getting the right amount. The amount of calcium in a typical daily vitamin is not even close to the recommended daily allowance. One reason for this may be that the calcium is not being properly absorbed. For perfect pregnancy nutrition, it is essential to choose calcium supplements that are recognized by the body and easily absorbed. The best picks are whole calcium supplements.

Here are a few more tips for getting the most from your calcium supplements:

– Take them at mealtime so that your body can better absorb the nutrients.
– Avoid supplements that contain bone meal, as they may also contain toxic substances that are certainly not safe to eat, especially during pregnancy.
– By taking calcium supplements with food, you’ll be more likely to remember to take them regularly.

Other Considerations when Adding Calcium Supplements to Pregnancy Nutrition Plans

It’s essential to get enough calcium during pregnancy, but did you know that the body can only absorb a certain amount at one ? It’s recommended to take calcium supplements multiple times throughout the day for optimal pregnancy nutrition.

You can find whole food chewable calcium supplements online.

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