Can We Have Sex During

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The simple answer to the question “Can we have during ?” is yes; however, for your own comfort and enjoyment, you may want to make some to your usual sex positions. You can safely have sex at all stages of pregnancy, but you may want to experiment with different positions to find what works best for you and your partner.

Pregnancy doesn’t mean your relationship suddenly has to become boring. In fact, the changes in your hormones and body could make you sexier than ever! Some women find that they become more easily aroused during pregnancy and can even reach orgasm more quickly or for the first time during intercourse. Take advantage of this time when you can have contraception-free sex without worrying about ! Enjoy the freedom and spice up your relationship!

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can actually result in increased sexual arousal and enjoyment. Higher levels of estrogen and progesterone can make your breasts and vagina more sensitive, making sex more enjoyable than usual.

But remember, it is ultimately up to you what form your lovemaking takes. If you don’t feel like having penetrative sex, you can still maintain an intimate relationship with your partner by cuddling, giving massages, mutually stimulating each other, or perhaps having oral sex instead. There are many to show your love for one another – so get creative!

Try a position

During the third of pregnancy, it’s not recommended for women to lie on their backs. You may feel awkward and uncomfortable in positions that press your tender breasts, so try some new positions such as lying alongside each other. This way, there is no pressure at all on your bump.

If you’re feeling energetic, you could opt for sex with the woman on . This will allow you to lift yourself off your partner’s stomach while supporting yourself on squatting legs. This position prevents pressure on your tummy and breasts.

Ladies, don’t forget that you can do your pelvic floor exercises during sex! Not only will it help improve your muscle tone and control, but your partner will certainly appreciate the extra effort.

Can sex harm my ?

At any stage of pregnancy, sex is perfectly safe for your baby and won’t hurt her in any way. Sometimes babies move around more when their mothers have an orgasm, but this could be due to the spasms or the increased blood flow which gives her an oxygen and nutrients boost.

Are there any ?

If you are pregnant and have been classified as high-risk, it’s important to speak with your GP or midwife about the best way to move forward. They may recommend that you avoid full sexual intercourse for a portion or the entirety of your pregnancy.

If you have a history of miscarrying or have experienced premature , or if you have any bleeding after sex, it’s important to tell your midwife or doctor.

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