Can You Believe Old Wives Tales In

You are pregnant! This means that your body will go through numerous changes throughout the next nine months. Here are some things to expect:

Your weight will increase, you’ll have , you’ll need to urinate more frequently, you’ll tired all the time, your breasts will become larger, your skin will become more sensitive, you may experience morning sickness

is a beautiful time in a ’s life, but it definitely comes with its fair share of inconvenience. Try to enjoy it as much as possible and be sure to ask for help from your partner or friends and family when you need it!

Now is the time when every woman who has ever been pregnant will be more than willing to give you , but unfortunately, not all of it will be accurate or helpful. It can be tough to decipher which old wives tales are actually valuable and which ones aren’t, but it’s important to try to sift through them nonetheless, so you can make the decisions for yourself and your baby. Trust your gut and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions!

Can You Really Predict Your Baby’s Sex?

There are several opinions about where and how the baby is lying, but the most popular opinion is that if you have a bulge that goes all the way round, you are definitely having a boy. And if the bulge is all at the front it’s going to be a girl.

According to old wives’ tales, if you are carrying the baby high in the womb it’s supposedly going to be a boy. The opposite (carrying low) means it’s a girl.

If you’re trying to figure out whether you’re having a boy or a girl, one way you can try is using a pendulum over your tummy. If the pendulum swings in a clockwise direction, it’s said to be a boy, and if it swings in an anti-clockwise direction, it’s said to be a girl.

Your odds are always fifty-fifty when it comes to your success.

Do You Really Need To Eat for Two?

On average, pregnant women will gain about 35 pounds throughout their . You may have heard old wives tales that encourage pregnant women to eat more because they are “eating for two”, but there is no need to worry about overeating. Instead, focus on making sure you are eating foods. If you end up with a extra pounds after your baby is born, don’t worry – you will lose it again.

Is It Okay To Drink While You Are Pregnant?

Although some people might believe that drinking alcohol while pregnant won’t do any harm, it’s important to remember that when you drink, the alcohol also goes through the baby’s bloodstream. As it’s not known how this alcohol consumption might affect the unborn child, it might be better to play it safe and abstain from drinking while pregnant.

If You Have Are You Having A Monkey?

Many people believe that if a pregnant woman experiences heartburn, her baby will be born with a lot of hair. The majority of women do experience heartburn during pregnancy, but it’s not an indicator of how much hair the baby will have.

Can Walking Make You Go Into ?

Walking around during labor may not necessarily induce labor, but it can help make you feel more comfortable.

Should You Exercise While Pregnant?

If you’re already in the habit of exercises, as long as it’s nothing too strenuous, check with your doctor before continuing while pregnant.

Drinking Lots of Milk While Being Pregnant Means You Will Produce Lots of Milk

Drinking milk while pregnant is beneficial for both you and your unborn child. The calcium within milk helps to develop the baby’s bones and teeth. However, consuming large amounts of milk will not increase the amount of milk you produce once the baby is born.

If You Crave Ice Cream Does It Mean You Need More Calcium?

It’s normal to experience cravings for certain foods during pregnancy, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the body is saying it needs those specific nutrients. Some women report cravings for non-food items like dirt or laundry detergent – so it’s more likely that these cravings are due to a change in hormones rather than an indication of a nutritional need.

Can Doing A Headstand After Lovemaking Help You To Conceive?

If you’re struggling to conceive, some people believe that doing a handstand after intercourse may help increase your chances of . However, there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. If you smoke, quitting and eating a healthier diet could improve your fertility.

No Need to Stop All Medication While Pregnant

Knowing if the medication you’re taking is safe for your unborn baby is important (your doctor can help advise you on this), but there’s no need to stop taking them if they are. In fact, vitamins and nutritional supplements are good for both you and your baby!

In other words, you can save yourself a lot of time and worry by ignoring most old wives’ tales. If you’re unsure about something, do some research to find out the facts.

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