Diabetes During Pregnancy

Diabetes during pregnancy is one of the most common problems faced by women and is caused due the abnormally increased hormones that are released from the placenta. This is a symptom, which occurs in most women in the second or the third trimester of pregnancy, however, like other problems it also vanishes after the delivery.

For those unlucky women who get diabetes during pregnancy, following the gestational diabetes diet can ensure that they and their unborn babies remain healthy until delivery. Since about 5% of pregnant females develop gestational diabetes, sticking to this special diet can positively affect millions of women worldwide.

The basic cause of diabetes during pregnancy is that, mother’s body is the sole supplier of glucose (sugar that results from the digestion of food) to the baby. This glucose is delivered to the baby through placenta. in return placenta produces certain hormones which helps the baby to develop, but on other hand these hormones prevents mothers body to use insulin and at later stage placenta increases these anti-insulin hormones which blocks the movement of glucose from the blood stream to the cell of the mother’s body.

Glucose, a sugar that results from the digestion of food, is the body’s main nourishment. During pregnancy, your body even supplies your baby with glucose, which is delivered through the placenta and it is the only source of nourishment for your baby. This glucose in the bloodstream passes through the placenta, another zone secreting a hormone to help the baby develop. But, this is an anti-insulin hormone in nature. If this hormone is produced excessively, it can block the movement of glucose into the blood cells and your pancreas can’t produce enough insulin.

The symptoms of diabetes are mentioned below:

Excessive thirst Faint vision Frequent urination Unexpected hunger Extreme tiredness

Gestational diabetes occurs in approximately 4% of all pregnant women, and will result in over 135, 000 reported cases of this condition per year. It is not exactly known what causes gestational diabetes, but it is believed that the hormones produced by the placenta prevent the mother’s body from being able to absorb insulin. This insulin resistance may cause the mother to need up to three times as much insulin to have the same metabolic functioning.

Symptoms of Gestational Diabetes

It is often quite hard to detect the disease because the body is undergoing dramatic changes all the time, many of which a being experienced for the first time. A pregnant woman will be in contact with her doctor frequently during the pregnancy so it is a good idea to mention any unusual changes in the body. Generally the condition will affect women in the latter stages of pregnancy (around 24-28 weeks).

Almost 4% of all pregnant women are suffering from gestational diabetes. This diabetic condition can prove to be harmful for the unborn child. It normally starts in the 5th or 6th month of pregnancy. The diabetic stage fades away after the baby is born. It is believed that underlying cause of gestational diabetes is the thrush of hormones during pregnancy.

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