8 Good New Year’s Resolutions for Moms

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Are you a mom? If so, New Years resolutions usually don’t have much priority when you’re being consumed by taking care of your family all day. But this is an instance when it would be worthwhile to make one nonetheless! New Years resolutions don’t need to be weighty topics that completely restructures the way you live your life, like getting out of debt for example. On the flip side, they can still be small if you think about them in a different perspective, like cutting back or vowing to eat healthier for example…

1 – Spend More with Your Children

For working parents it can be impossible to spend quality time with their children. But to help you out, we wanted to lend a hand and give you some on how to get in touch with your ! Meet them partway by giving up 15 minutes for skype conversations or games, or merely even try together. Look further by throwing in some fun family nights and making the most of it!

2 – Attend a School or Daycare Function

A lot of parents don’t participate in school or daycare functions, like holiday plays or banquets. A New Year’s resolution could be to attend one of these events four times a year. Is your child’s kindergarten class putting on a small play during school? Make sure to request a few hours off work so that you can attend – knowing that you might need the time to decompress afterwards if you miss the main event early in the afternoon!

3 – Sort Your Kid’s Belongings

Whether you have children or are to have ones in the future, it’s always helpful to get rid of clutter. You likely have a lot of stuff that your child has outgrown such as toys, clothes, and movies. Sort through these items and plan accordingly for your future! If you don’t plan on having kids any more (for example), then donate or sell on eBay.com, Cragslist.org or hold a yard sale so someone else can make use of it!

4 – Take a Break

It’s important for a mother or father to take a break. A lot of the time we get caught up in the busyness of our lives and forget how important it is to renew ourselves and focus on living our best lives. Even if you aren’t a mom or dad, you can still appreciate what an amazing job they do with their kids every day. Spending time with family can be just as healthy as going out into the to grab new experiences that aren’t available in your daily life! Take care of yourself so you can enjoy your loved ones even more!

5 – Ask for Help

As often said, mothers are superheroes but only because they put in a lot of hard work and dedication to be so. Yes, it is the duty of mothers to care for their children but that doesn’t mean you never should be concerned with your own well-being on occasion. It’s time during the new year to resolve yourself to ask for help every once in a while – as in when you need someone else to watch your children so that you can go shopping or treat yourself to a spa day. Or if money is super tight (which we know it usually is) then it might mean asking family members or grabbing a once or twice!

6 – Give Your Relationship Extra Attention

Many claim that romantic relationships have a tendency to take a backseat once children enter the picture, though there is no denying that your child should always come first. However if you don’t make time for each other as well, you may find your romantic relationship sliding further down the scale with age. So make sure that you both have time to go on dates and steal several intimate moments together so that romance can still thrive in your marriage.

7 – Spend Time with Friends

When it comes to spending time with friends, use your best judgment. Are you turning into someone who’s always in the bar scene? Suggest getting together for coffee or a nice lunch instead. And if you must develop new friendships, why not join some community groups for parents so that you can meet people who share similar interests.

8 – Learn to Let it Go

As a mother, you may want everything in your life to be perfect and taken care of. We know these are important aspects of being a parent, but don’t worry about everything at once. to let go and walk away from things when we’re overwhelmed will help us preserve our sanity – even if it means leaving the dishes for later, or just do them in the morning!

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