Week by Week and CranioSacral Therapy

, symptoms can arise at any time and they can last anywhere from a few hours to days, and sometimes even weeks. One of the most important things to remember when experiencing these types of symptoms is that you’re not alone – a lot of people have felt the same way that you are at this very moment and some have found relief from their symptoms with CST!

Let’s consider the first trimester. The first three months of are often referred to as the embryonic stage of development in an organism’s life cycle.

An embryo develops for about 6 to 8 weeks in the first month. During that time, all of its internal organs are formed and some begin to work. It is only one-fiftieth of an inch long at this point, but it has eyes, ears, arms, legs, a mouth, a liver and a brain.In the second month your baby’s major systems develop – including their bones and muscles.By month three major organs like the brain and spinal cord form as well as the heart and lungs – all in preparation for your baby’s eventual birth!

Is CranioSacral a safe option while pregnant? Some mums-to-be may wonder.

It is safe and desirable to receive Cranio-sacral therapy throughout this recommended period as it helps the body adapt to the incredible changes it’s going through. It’s desirable to have your body functioning at its to support your growing baby.

Some moms worry that they will give birth prematurely if they undergo CST.

CranioSacral therapy is one of the most advanced forms of bodywork. It’s also one of the less invasive ones, and it has been known for being incredibly effective in helping people achieve the results they need, or to see them through times when their bodies are going through a lot of or trauma.

Morning occurs in the early weeks and is often triggered by an oversensitivity to smells and specific foods. It can be mitigated through CranioSacral therapy. A treatment in the early of pregnancy allows you to relax, helps you to better adapt to changes in your body as well as establishing a strong connection with your unborn child. As CranioSacral therapy places a light touch on the body, it is suitable even during very early stages of pregnancy.

Another symptom that new mothers experience is exhaustion. Joan came for CST when she was ten weeks pregnant, she had a toddler of two years old and worked full time, during treatments which focused on applying a soothing touch sometimes even resulting in , the mother-to-be felt more relaxed, and was able to cope better at work after delivering her baby boy Oliver at 39 weeks gestation.

Second Trimester (4th, 5th, 6th ) months.

As the nausea and exhaustion of the first trimester disappear (for most), it’s important to make sure you take care of your body by getting plenty of rest, eating wholesome foods and exercising regularly. Common issues that can arise during this time are heartburn – caused by growing baby kicking up or lying on an upset stomach area – or acid reflux disease (GERD). This occurs as the growing baby is putting pressure on the stomach.

Maire attended my CranioSacral therapy clinic with symptoms of reflux causing her discomfort as she was expecting her third child. During her first treatment, I placed my hands on her lower ribs and within she could feel the loosening in the lower abdomen area which released pressure around the diaphragm. She felt the pressure off her chest and stomach. One of the best to combat that is by buying roomers. Combining treatments with avoiding foods like fried foods and spicy or fatty foods, eating smaller meals, and wearing loose clothes also helped reduce acid reflux.

If the mother is having an unrestful pregnancy, then the stress of that visceral experience may mimic tension headaches. In my practice I have treated many clients for back pain and they find their headaches will often dissipate along with it. CranioSacral Therapy helps the client to tune in with the message coming from their body. They may discover the reason causing their tension headache—like concerns about -related things or needing rest during the pregnancy. CST offers one time to take a deep breath and recognize that solutions exist—then to achieve them.

The Third Trimester ( 7th, 8th, 9th month).

The third trimester of pregnancy can be difficult since being extremely tired and having issues with breathing can become a hassle. Late in your pregnancy, when the body is changing and softening the vaginal muscles to prepare for labor, you may start to experience shortness of breath. When your body needs oxygen it cannot easily get enough from the airways which means that you might need to breathe harder. You may even notice that at times you are breathing faster than usual because the nostrils and sinuses are swollen due to hormonal changes that occur during this period; particularly when child birth is eminent. If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort related to a stuffs nose, a gentle cranial treatment that releases facial bones especially can ease this condition without harming either baby or mommy-to-be.

Some clients have reported that the CranioSacral treatment along with modifications to their diet has helped ease their congestion. And once the baby is born, this particular congestion will cease!

For women who are pregnant, the most common challenges they experience during pregnancy can stem from illnesses. However, problems such as poor posture and back pain can occur in many stages of a pregnancy and potentially worsen when you’re not making the best decisions to take better care of yourself while expecting. One very effective treatment method is to combine stretching exercises with water therapy and one of those methods that are particularly effective is swimming.

The last stage of pregnancy can be a very exciting one to be part of because there is never a lack of surprises when it comes to what is happening with the baby. A baby could get ready to come out at literally any given moment, which  and sometimes mothers-to-be can lead to contractions that might just not feel right. It’s important for mothers to ensure themselves that they are as ready as they need to be in order to bring their child into this world and if not, then it’s vital that they let professionals practice CranioSacral therapy on them first so that they get everything returning back into optimum shape so when the moment comes and labor begins, both mother and baby are prepared for birth successfully.

An important way to nurture a bond with your client is to treat them as you would an established friend. When their baby is born, and through their pregnancy, you can help the parents by gifting mum-to-be little presents and messages so that she knows how valued her patronage is.

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