Diet During Pregnancy

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Having good food is always important for proper body function. So, diet taken during pregnancy is very important. To become mother and giving birth to ones own child is the biggest gift, which is bestowed upon woman on earth. It is the most precious day for all the family members. To bring a new life and to protect the child from all difficulties, diet of mother is very important. After all whatever mother will eat it is going to affect the child health.

Pregnant woman should have proper diet intake. Any compromise in the diet can be harmful in long run. Diet intake should include products related with milk like cheese, butter, soups, vegetables and fruits. Eggs and meat should be taken for childs strong health. The effects of a woman’s diet on her children start long before she becomes pregnant. Stores of fat, protein, and other nutrients built up over the years are called upon during pregnancy for fetal nourishment. It is better to keep meals small, and avoid long period without food. Drink fluids between, but not with, meals. Avoid foods that are greasy, fried or highly spiced.

During pregnancy the food intake should include Protein, good Protein sources such as soya products, beans, and grains, is good for gaining weight, which is very important. Calcium and Vitamin D they are needed for the development of the baby’s bones and teeth. Iron is needed in the formation of blood for baby. Iron foods like whole grains, dried beans, tofu, and green leafy vegetables daily. Vitamin B12 plays an important role in the developing fetus. Fortified foods include some breakfast cereals, some soy milks, and Red Star Vegetarian Support Formula nutritional yeast. Foliate is needed early in pregnancy for normal neural tube development enriched bread, pasta, and cold cereal; dried beans; green leafy vegetables; and orange juice are good sources of foliate. DHA is a type of fat that is mainly found in fatty fish. It seems to be important in the development of the brain and the retina, a part of the eye. Found in flaxseed, flaxseed oil, canola oil, walnuts, and soybeans. Pregnant woman should use iodized salt. Apart from that chart should be prepared during pregnancy:

1/2 cup oatmeal with maple syrup
1 slice whole wheat toast with fruit spread
1 cup Eden Soy Extra soy milk
1/2 cup calcium and vitamin D fortified orange juice
1/2 whole wheat bagel with margarine
Veggie burger on whole wheat bun with mustard and catsup
1 cup steamed collard greens
Medium apple
1 cup Eden Soy Extra soy milk
3/4 cup ready-to-eat cereal with 1/2 cup blueberries
1 cup Eden Soy Extra soy milk
3/4 cup tofu stir-fried with 1 cup vegetables
1 cup brown rice
Medium orange

Special care should be taken during pregnancy. Apart from having good diet, the woman should always be happy. With all this birth for healthy child is possible.


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