Fenugreek Seeds During Pregnancy

Pregnant women are very much cautious before consuming any food item. They need to very much careful, as consumption of any wrong food item will directly affect babys health. Most of the people recommend numerous herbs during this phase, but some of them have negative impacts. Thus, it is very much essential to consult your physician before consuming any herb. Even a slightest mistake during pregnancy can invite serious health complications and risk the life of baby.

Even though herbs are considered as the safest remedy to cure numerous ailments, you have to careful with its intake during pregnancy. Fenugreek seeds are immensely valued for medicinal purpose in the Indian traditional medicines- Ayurveda. This herb is highly recommended to cure numerous ailments. From centuries, this herb is consumed to improve the supply of milk during nursing days. The consumption of these seeds consequently increases the generation of milk within 24-72 hours. Consume less than six capsules daily to stay away from any side affects. Frequent urination, excessive sweat, and foul urine smell are the indications that this herb has adversely affected your body. Immediately stop consuming these seeds.

Most mothers stop the consumption of this herb, once their body starts secreting an appropriate level of milk. It is very much beneficial to boost your milk production for short term. Even though, it is for short term, take all preventive measures. This herb is widely used for culinary and medicinal purpose all over the world. It is one of the main ingredients to prepare Indian curry powder. These seeds are also used in numerous desserts. The powdered forms of these seeds are sprinkled on various soups and vegetable salads. The moderate use of this herb is considered very much safe for nursing mothers.

Excessive use of these seeds during pregnancy can cause stimulation of uterine. This herb is also used to induce labor is regarded as emmenagogue. Hence, this is herb is not recommended in late pregnancy. According to Chinese traditional medicines- the intake of this herb is very much effective in curing morning sickness. Women suffering from the problem of high blood pressure during pregnancy should consume moderate amount of these seeds. It will control the spike in blood pressure. Even gestational diabetes can be controlled with this herb.

It is not advisable to consume this herb in the late pregnancy as; stimulating effect on uterus may invite certain complication. Individuals suffering from chickpea allergic, asthma, and peanut allergy should avoid the use of these seeds. Fenugreek seeds can be consumed in various forms such as herbal tea, powdered form, or raw seeds. Boil some seeds in water and drain the infusion after some time. Add a teaspoonful of honey to the infusion and drink two times in a day to overcome the health issues. You may also ground the seeds and mix it with honey. Consume this mixture to increase the production of milk during breastfeeding. The simplest way is to just chew some fenugreek seeds in the early morning with a glass of warm water. It will help in removing all toxic material from the body.


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