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There are a lot of rumors out there about what new mothers should and shouldn’t do after giving birth. The truth is, if you’ve been following all the proper guidelines during your , then very little should change in your routine after giving birth. Your diet after pregnancy and your routine should both be the same as they were before you became . We now know that pregnant don’t have to take it easy all the time. While it’s still important to be aware of your ’s , you can continue working, eating and going about your daily activities as normal. For example, the theory of eating for two is an old wives tale, and it’s actually healthier to eat a normal, healthy diet while pregnant instead of overeating.

If you’re starting to work out after giving birth, it’s important to ease into things the same way you would with any other exercise program. Start slow and let your get used to the new movements. One thing to be cautious of is putting too much strain on any stitches you may have from childbirth. If you had a C-section, be careful not to overdo it with weight training or intense cardio since this can cause the stitches to break.

A low-impact workout like riding a stationary bike with little resistance is while you’re healing post-pregnancy. If you can, set aside some time every day to exercise after you have your baby. This can help give you a break from always being on-call for your and alleviate some of the that comes with having a baby who is completely dependent on you. Of course, we understand that not all will have this luxury, but burning calories is a great way to keep your emotional in check while also melting away any excess weight the pregnancy may have left behind.

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