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The hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) plays an important role during , but it can also be used as a weight-loss tool. When used as part of a , HCG can lead to rapid and decreased appetite. The HCG diet usually involves a low-calorie diet, daily doses of HCG, and sometimes homeopathic HCG drops. The original HCG diet required regular HCG injections, but homeopathic HCG drops are now a popular alternative.

and menstruation can both affect the use of HCG drops. It’s usually to start the HCG drops after your period has ended, but it is possible to continue with them if you get your period partway through the diet protocol. HCG drops can be taken while menstruating, but they may cause your period to be heavier than usual. If the drops cause discomfort during menstruation, stop taking them until your period has ended.

Occasionally, it may be necessary to discontinue HCG drops for a short period of time. This is most common in who have heavy menstrual periods. They should stop taking the HCG drops during their period and restart the protocol afterwards.

HCG levels are often used by pregnancy tests to determine whether a woman is pregnant. Therefore, using HCG drops may cause a false positive when a pregnancy test is taken. If you have a positive pregnancy test, you can confirm the result by visiting your doctor and taking a test. You should discontinue the HCG drops if you are pregnant.

Although HCG supplements may be taken , it is still important to seek medical from a healthcare professional before consuming them. HCG drops are not taken during pregnancy for the purpose of promoting weight loss. They are taken in order to the levels of HCG hormone in the body, if they are too low.

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