How Do You Get Started In Surrogacy? Six Easy Steps To Surrogate .

If you’re interested in becoming a surrogate mother, there are six steps you need to follow. From finding the right agency to contracting the , here’s what you need to do to become a surrogate mother.

Step 1: Research.
The most crucial step for potential surrogate mothers is to do their research. From the gestational process to the traditional surrogacy journey, there are many procedures and steps that both the intended parents and surrogate mother need to be aware of – and every case is different. Doing your homework prior to beginning the surrogacy process will ensure that is on the same page and knows what to expect!

There are definitely risks involved in commercial surrogacy, but the best way to protect yourself and your family is to be well-informed and have a clear of the process before getting started. Going into the with your wide open will help you avoid potential problems down the road.

Step 2: .
Surrogacy can be a wonderful thing, but it’s not without its challenges. The next step towards surrogacy is to make sure you have a supportive network in place. Join some surrogacy communities to get started. Find local surrogate mothers or intended parents who have been through the process before and ask for . Tell your friends and family members about your decision and set up a support team of people to talk to when needed. Having a supportive network will be crucial at some point during your surrogacy journey.

Step 3: Matching.
The next step in the surrogacy process is finding a match, which is a lot like dating. Both sides are trying to make a good impression on the other in hopes that they will commit to this very intimate relationship. Some prospective surrogates and intended parents use a surrogacy agency to help with the matching process, while others try to do it on their own.

Step 4: Legal and .
After matching, both the surrogate mother and the intended parents should obtain an attorney. While it’s not necessary for the surrogate mother to have her own lawyer, the intended parents should pay for both. They then formulate a contract, have all parties agree and sign.

It’s perfectly understandable if obtaining a lawyer is one of the first steps a surrogate or intended parents take, or if it’s done at some other point during the commercial surrogacy process. Intended parents also typically settle on a clinic around this frame, if they haven’t already done so.

Step 5: Testing.
After the match is made, it’s time for testing for all parties involved. The surrogate and her husband will need to complete a medical STD panel, while everyone – including the intended parents – will meet with a counselor to make sure this journey is the right fit for them. In some cases, more extensive psychiatric testing and criminal background checks may be required.

Step 6: Surrogate Pregnancy.
You’ve made it this far! The next steps are , going through pregnancy, , and delivery. After all of that, a great set of intended parents will be blessed with a beautiful baby – all thanks to surrogate mothering.

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