Leg Cramps during Cannot Be Ignored

After the , the baby’s needs will , especially for the absorption of calcium. In the middle or late period of , daily calcium needs will increase by 1200 mg. This is due to the fact that pregnant need more calcium for their own growth and , as well as their fetus’. However, if there is a lack of dietary calcium and vitamin D, or a lack of sunshine, this can lead to problems with the placenta or uterine circulation. During pregnancy, there are a lot of changes that happen in a woman’s body. One of those is that the blood volume increases, which can lead to a decline in serum calcium levels. This can make the muscles and nerves more excitable, and the leg often happen at night or during cold weather.

Pregnant women often experience increased weight and leg cramps due to the added pressure on their legs. To prevent these cramps, they should eat foods rich in calcium, get exposure to sunlight, and take calcium and vitamin D as needed. Severe cramps can be relieved by forcefully flexing the ankle joint or by stomping on the heel. Although it’s widely considered that most individuals need calcium, there is still a lack of pregnant women getting the right amount they need. It’s important to note that everyone has a different threshold for how much they can take before it becomes harmful. This is why relying on signals such as leg cramps solely to determine the need for more calcium is not ideal. Women who are pregnant should actively participate in nutrition counseling in order to get the targeted amount of calcium they need.

However, there are many measures that pregnant women can take to improve the calcium content in their bodies. First and foremost, they can consume more calcium-rich foods, dairy products and dark green . Secondly, they can take calcium tablets or multi-vitamins that contain vitamin D. Of course, if necessary, they should consult with their doctor before taking any sort of supplement. Stretching or massaging the affected area may to relieve cramps in some cases. Pregnant women can also their feet before sleep or elevate their feet while sleeping. Wearing low-heeled shoes and avoiding extended periods of standing will help to prevent leg muscle fatigue.

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