and Obesity – Important Things You Might Not Be Aware of

Being overweight is already unhealthy. Being overweight as a woman is even worse. In fact, approximately 10% of the in the United States who are expecting, or roughly 1 out of every 10 women, are suffering from being overweight or obese, which ultimately affects their depending on the extent of weight gain and how it compounds on top of existing conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension that may be present. If left unmanaged and untreated for a prolonged period of especially during due to improper eating habits because food cravings can get out of control at times and people tend to give into impulses more than usual simply due to emotions and hormonal changes, then these two conditions can affect the mother and her unborn child alike by triggering dangerous such as giving birth prematurely, causing gestational diabetes or even pregnancy-induced hypertension caused by .

Pregnancy can be stressful for a number of reasons. Women who are at odds with their bodies may seek solace in food and then have trouble controlling what they eat. The body is already stressed enough, as it is preparing to the expansion of new life. One needs but excess fat usage can lead to complications when it comes down to systems overloading with extra weight. Be sure that you are eating balanced meals so you can provide your body and baby with everything they need to grow!

Doctors discourage pregnant women from being too obese or pregnant because it is a difficult process for the patient and health care professionals who are involved. Doctors warn that fetal heart tones are more difficult to hear which means monitoring the health of the fetus becomes a bit troublesome. Determining the position of an unborn baby is also quite challenging as an obese woman’s abdomen is larger, making it hard to get a clear image of what’s going on inside the uterus. It has been found that obesity can make a woman’s pregnancy last too long (pregnancy lasts 40 weeks on average), which leads to postmature infants at risk for health problems. Studies have also showed that obese moms have excessively big , making caesarean delivery necessary – unfortunately, because there is so much adipose tissue surrounding the mother’s stomach in an obese woman, doctors have a harder time conducting medial procedures while maintaining patient safety due to excessive risk of infection.

As a woman, losing weight may be challenging, generally because many women gain weight throughout their pregnancy. However, one of the most important things for a mother-to-be and her fetus is to ensure that the woman’s contains between 1500-1800 calories daily. This will ensure that both mother and baby receive the nutrition they need while pregnant. Additionally, not only will losing weight (if the woman is overweight) help her feel better with herself after having her child but it will also assist in strengthening her physical condition by eliminating energy related issues.

However, there are steps that an obese woman can take to assist herself during conception and this is by controlling her eating more so. While she cannot go on a strict dieting cleanup spree because of the reasons mentioned at the beginning, she can still trim down on junk foods like chips and soda. Instead, she can opt for more nutritious options like fruits and . Sliced carrots are not only great replacements for potato chips but they are also of far greater value to the fetus inside her body than cakes or ice cream. If there ever was a time to practice self-control in order to achieve something important in life then now would be it. Your baby needs you to try your best!

It is possible to be fit and fat! Women who are obese can engage in some form of low-impact physical activity at least once a day. This way, they remain fit for the sake of their own health as well as for when planning to become pregnant (or already are).

Before you even consider having a baby, it’s important to take good care of yourself. is definitely not a time or an excuse to let things slide, because having a healthy body will ultimately help with your conception and make it possible for you to enjoy your pregnancy instead of being fraught with complications. A healthy body with a proper diet and exercise regime will ultimately help you conceive!

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