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Starting a can be a very exciting and an overwhelming experience – you want to ensure that it all goes smoothly, which is where the , fitness and nutrition of the soon-to-be parents comes in.

Without Pounds was a very interesting read, and it was extremely helpful for my niece. She’s been having trouble trying to lose the weight she gained , so I decided to lend her this book as one of her friends told her about how helpful it was. Now she’s inspired to stick with the program and try not let that baby get in the way of exercising. As I’m writing this, my sister just had her baby, so congratulations are in order because that means my niece is on her way to losing those 20 pounds she gained during pregnancy!

Being a mother is hard work! Taking care of your child is like a full time job. But that’s why you don’t let yourself go, indulge your cravings, quit your fitness routine and literally eat yourself out of house and ! It’s a new class dynamic; you are now responsible for another being! A balance of food and exercise will make your pregnancy easier by giving your baby the proper nutrients it needs to grow while reducing your chances of and other related pregnancy side effects.

Normal weight gain in pregnancy should be between 15 and 25 pounds and this can be hard if you are starting out or remain overweight while pregnant. If your BMI is 30+, you should gain between 11-20lbs, and if your BMI is between 25and 21.9,9 it’s recommended that you gain 15-25lbs. Those that are overweight before becoming pregnant also run a higher risk for complications during their pregnancy, including gestational diabetes and high pressure amongst other things!

Pregnancy Without Pounds is a pregnancy fitness book authored by Michelle Moss. A leading expert in pregnancy fitness and nutrition, Michelle has been training mothers to use a variety of yoga and Pilates based movements since 2008. She is an experienced certified life-health coach, and also boasts an impressive background having obtained diplomas in psychology and kinesiology, as well as a master’s degree in holistic nutrition. Michelle has spent the past 15 years coaching new moms on the best ways to stay healthy and inspired during their journeys into motherhood. Within her book she champions weight management for pregnant , showcasing how they can do so using their very own bodies, making use of just 27 minutes a day and generating little fuss doing so.

Ladies, we know you’ve got a lot on your plate, and it can be hard to stay healthy when you have other responsibilities besides just yourself to look after. Michelle Moss was able to really help women struggling with their . You don’t have to struggle like so many other women do when they’re pregnant; it doesn’t have to be this tough! This particular guide is meant for women who need some guidance on how to stay fit during pregnancy – where others haven’t been very successful.

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