Stretch Mark Cream Causative Factors And Pattern Of Stretch Marks

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According to the American Association, one of the most common concerns among pregnant women is stretch marks. These are colored streaks that run across the skin and can be found running around in different lengths and widths. They do not pose any harm to your body; they just affect a woman’s self-esteem and cause her a lot of stress. Luckily there is an all-natural way you can erase them before they have a chance to come back: stretch mark creams!

Two factors cause stretch marks during pregnancy
Factor #1: The skin expands quickly to adjust to the growing baby. The rapid change in size can cause damage the dermis, the inner layer of skin with a scar-like mark on the surface known as striae gravidarum or stretch marks during pregnancy.

Factor #2: During pregnancy a women’s body comes under hormonal influence as the fetus grows. The hormones in the stream are increased and are higher than usual. These hormones attract water from surrounding cells and follicles. The increase of water at skin fibers increases the elasticity of skin. As this happens, the collagens loosen their hold on skin cells, making it easier for them to expand with the enlarging belly. It is this loosening of collagen which creates stretch marks. There are still many unknowns about how these marks develop.

Pattern of stretch mark formation
The best time to start using a pregnancy cream to prevent stretch marks is at the beginning of your second trimester. Although some believe that it’s too late once you see your belly expanding, studies show that women have been able to prevent or reduce the appearance of pregnancy stretch marks if they started using the creams in their 3rd trimester, but the most effective time was at the beginning or before the 2nd trimester. This is because by this point you’ve already developed a certain amount of skin elasticity and your body has worked hard to for childbirth and . To be sure face cream works as advertised, we recommend checking its results when used immediately during early pregnancy

This is how stretch marks make their presence known on the skin:

In the first stage, some marks shows up as pinkish or purple in color and may be accompanied by mild irritation. The skin around the affected area typically appears flattened or thinner than it used to.

In the second stage, redness develops and is more pronounced.

The third stage comes with pregnancy where it is often observed by women and care professionals alike that the marks tend to change color from pinkish purple to a silvery white or gray. It also shape to that of a scar, and you may also find a depression in the affected area.

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