Stretch Marks Side Effects Of Pregnancy

As a side effect of , morning sickness sufferers may experience which is hard to conceal. Acne and stretch marks are less overt side effects but more difficult to deal with in the long run because they can last for many years!

Stretch marks happen to be a common occurrence for , occurring in more than half of all pregnant mums. These rippled red and often angry-looking stripes are a defense mechanism that skin deploys to protect itself from breaking as skin expands.

Stretch marks are like scars that are left in the middle layer of our skin, the dermis. Stretch marks occur when your body grows faster and stronger than it is currently able to defend against. This rapid and huge change in our bodies tears the layers of your epidermis (top of your skin), causing a scar to develop there – which stretch marks.

These are red in colour and start off small like a pinhead. They slowly fade until they become white. These creatures tend to be about 1-4mm long and can grow up to 10 in total

Doctors and other medical professionals may be smart when it comes to knowing how stretch marks , but they can’t actually explain why some women get them and others don’t.

A lot of people find what are commonly thought to be unwanted facial blemishes or outgrowths on the forehead, cheeks and chin area to be unattractive. These might not be permanent features and can likely be gotten rid of with treatment.

stretch marks are often hidden and can be a surprise even when they occur in early pregnancy.

It is important to remember that there are many factors which can determine whether or not someone will get pregnant stretch marks. Some of these factors include the individual’ age, weight, height and family history.

Having darker skin also is also a significant risk factor.

Preventing stretch marks

While it may be impossible to prevent stretch marks, most of us can reduce the severity of our marks by gaining weight regularly.

Careful planning is needed when you’re pregnant. You should try to eat the same healthy foods that you usually eat, but certain things need to be avoided.

There are a number of creams, oils and ointments on the market which is intended to protect or alleviate the of stretch marks.

Daily moisturizing of your tummy can prevent some of the appearance of stretch marks. Some women say this works. While it isn’t proven, it’s certainly worth trying in order to avoid some minor scarring for yourself and for your !

Massaging your skin on a regular basis with moisturizer can improve circulation and encourage tissue growth.

Drinking lots of water will also help keep your skin hydrated which helps it from becoming overexposed!

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