Tips On Pregnancy – Diet Plans For Pregnant Women

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Being a mother is one of the most precious experience of a womans life, make this journey safe and secure with useful pregnancy tips for happy pregnancy. Feel the first touch of your baby, heartbeat and kick of the baby and cherish the period. Diet in pregnancy is very crucial and if it is the first pregnancy then it become more important to consult a doctor and know the dos and donts of the diet.

There are many misconceptions about pregnancy and one of the most conception misleading idea is a pregnant woman should eat for two. This is totally wrong and unhealthy. A pregnant woman needs 300 extra calories for the baby and this requirement should be fulfilled in a healthy way. Consult your doctor or dietitian and follow a regular diet plan.

The body undergoes through many changes during pregnancy, the fluctuating levels of hormones, nausea, morning sickness and personal eating habit also affect the eating pattern during the pregnancy. Complete the vital nutrient requirements of the body for sound health and safe pregnancy.

It is very important for the expecting mother to keep check on her eating pattern, though it is necessary to know what one should eat for safe pregnancy but at the same time one should also keep in mind what not to eat. Control the intake of salt and sugar as the high amount of the substance is harmful for the health

Take balance diet enriched with protein, carbohydrate, fat and minerals. Keep a regular check on your weight gain. Instead of full cream dairy products choose trans-fat milk products. Take fresh fruits, salads, juice, whole grain regularly. Eat at regular interval, instead of eating lots of food at a time eat at regular interval. Take six serving in a day and keep your body energetic and active. Do not indulge in overeating, it is neither good for baby nor for the mother and it can cause diabetes also. Follow regular exercise, morning walk schedule for better

There are many magazines and books dealing with the topics there you can find relevant information on pregnancy, tips for pregnancy and healthy food recipes for expecting mothers.

Pay close attention to diet and nutrition during pregnancy. Know your body requirement and dos and donts of healthy diet plan with Sudha k. She is a nutrition advisor by profession.

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