Identifying The Early Signs Of Pregnancy

The primary indication of every pregnancy is a missed menstruation period. Early signs of pregnancy may differ from woman to woman; while some woman might witness the symptoms within few days of their first gestation, others might take weeks to witness the same. Continuous monitoring of the bodily changes can reflect first symptoms and signs of conception.

Vomiting or nausea is an early pregnancy and is a frequent occurrence during the initial phase of the pregnancy. Most women, irrespective of their age, tend to mix up such symptoms with digestive system problems or diet poisoning. Acidity, upset stomach followed by heartburn symptoms are early gestation symptoms. These are often found to remain right till advanced phases of conception.
Constipation is yet another common early signs of pregnancy. This condition results from deficit in proper diet routine. As the body encounters steady metabolism, the pregnant state of a woman leads to creation of recurrent irregular bowel movements. On the other hand, recurring urination is also something that every pregnant lady is compelled to undergo. On most occasions, this phase occurs during the first 7 days of pregnancy. This basically results due to the tension arising out of the growing womb seen around the urinary system.

During the first trimester, the pregnant woman can also be seen complaining of exhaustion and fatigue. Getting bigger nipples and tender breasts are other common bodily changes. Human body adheres to its own mechanism for breastfeeding the baby. As a result which there is an expansion of nipples and the breast gets enlarged as well. Most females under this circumstance experience a lot of pain throughout early gestation period.

There are women who exhibit a good sense of smell as signs of pregnancy. Their sensitivity to odour of food items is a well acknowledged fact. Taking professional drugs is the simplest and easiest way to set off nausea. Dizziness and fainting are other common signs of being pregnant. In some extreme cases this might even lead to low blood glucose levels followed by dizzy period eventually resulting into fainting.

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