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Many women feel differently during the stages of – this is because the female body is going through changes to prepare for the baby. Most women don’t start to notice these changes until they’ve missed one or two menstrual cycles.

Although you may regularly use contraception, it’s important to remember that only using these methods every you engage in sexual intercourse will guarantee protection from . control pills only work if taken every day, and missing even a single day can leave you vulnerable to pregnancy. Similarly, using vegan condoms during sex is necessary to prevent pregnancy, but if you don’t use one every time, there’s a chance you could get .

There are a few ways to detect a pregnancy, but the most common and fool-proof way is by using a pregnancy test. However, if you’re still not sure, here are some of the most common physical changes a ’s body goes through during the early stages of pregnancy.

Shortness of Breath

If you’re having trouble breathing or feel like you lost all your air after going up a few flights of stairs, then it could be a sign of pregnancy. The body needs oxygen for both mother and fetus, so your breath might be shorter than usual.

Sore Breasts

Darkening of the areolas and soreness in the breasts is a common occurrence for pregnant women. This is because the breasts are beginning to fill up with milk in preparation for . Some women may feel more comfortable wearing supportive bras to help minimize this discomfort.


Pregnant women easily get tired. They would want to sleep for longer hours, work less, and do more relaxing activities.


is a common symptom of pregnancy that can unfortunately happen at any time of day. Expecting women might also have upset stomachs and headaches that cause them to vomit.

Frequent Urination

Pregnancy can result in the production of extra fluids, which puts stress on the bladder and can cause frequent urination. You might feel like you’re constantly wanting to pee, but try to hold it in when you can.


Backaches are most commonly associated with the lower back. As ligaments around the area loosen to make space for a growing baby, extra pressure is put on the back which can lead to pain. Additionally, as your center of gravity changes with a growing baby, this also puts stress on the back and can cause discomfort.


During menstruation and pregnancy, some women experience cramping as their uterus stretches and puts pressure on the lower abdomen. To help minimize the pain, place a hot pack or water bottle filled with hot water on the lower abdomen.

Food Aversions or Cravings

One of the most of pregnancy is a sudden change in appetite. You might start looking for apples and oranges instead of pork, or you might lose your appetite for pork altogether. If you’re experiencing this, it’s a idea to talk to your doctor to see if you might be pregnant.

If you want to be safe and avoid unplanned pregnancies, it’s important to use protection every time, whether that means using the Pill, or something more unique like vegan condoms. Find a method that actually works for you and your partner and stick to it!

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