Common Problems During the Third Trimester of Your

is a time for a woman when she is excited and optimistic about the new life she is bringing into the world. However, it can also be a time when common complaints like nausea and fatigue can make you feel less than your best. Here are some to help you feel your best during pregnancy:

1. Get plenty of rest. Pregnancy can be exhausting, so make sure you get enough sleep every night.

2. Eat healthy . Eating nutritious foods will help your body cope with the demands of pregnancy and .

3. regularly. Exercise can help to reduce pregnancy-related aches and pains, and it will also help you to regain your energy levels after the birth of your .

4. Speak to your doctor or midwife if you are struggling. If you are finding pregnancy tough, don’t suffer in silence – speak to your healthcare professional for advice and .

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience, but it can also be tough on your body. Backaches, breathlessness, rib pain and high blood pressure are all common complaints that can leave you feeling worn out and overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are natural solutions for these common complaints that really do work.

By the third trimester, many women feel just as lousy as they did during the first trimester of pregnancy – if not worse. You might have thought you had it easy during the second trimester in comparison to how you felt during the first, but by the time you reach the third trimester, you come to realize just how pregnant you really are.

Back pain and rib pain are common experiences during pregnancy and can range from mild to severe.

Back pain is often concentrated in the lower back and can extend down the legs, made worse by prolonged standing. It can also be caused by twisting or turning motions, as well as poor sleeping positions.

Hormones are at play here, as they will loosen your joints and ligaments to help your body prepare for childbirth. Massages (especially for the lower back), strengthening exercises, and alignment from a qualified chiropractor can also help. Additionally, wearing flat supportive shoes and sleeping on a firm mattress can make a difference.

The pain in the ribs that you may be feeling is most likely caused by the uterus pressing down on the abdomen and in turn, your ribs. As the baby grows and moves into the head down position in preparation for birth, their tiny will often find their way under the rib cage. For this complaint, the best thing to do is to wear comfortable, loose clothing and stretch the abdomen a bit with an exercise ball or by leaning into a wall as you face it.

Many women often experience breathlessness and rib pain along with other symptoms during pregnancy. This is often due to the baby taking up space in the womb and pushing against the ribs. However, after week 36, when the baby drops into the birthing position, the symptoms usually subside a little. You can try propping up with pillows while lying down or sitting to help move the baby off of the diaphragm. Experimenting with different positions is usually the best way to find what is most comfortable and effective.

High blood pressure is common in pregnancy and can be dangerous for both mother and child if it isn’t carefully monitored. Some ways to prevent high blood pressure before it begins are a healthy diet, avoiding caffeine, spicy foods and nicotine, and exercising regularly. Deep , meditation, and eating raw garlic, parsley, onion, and cucumber can often help control mild to moderate high blood pressure. Always follow the recommendations of your care provider and check with him or her before taking any herbal or other supplements.

Many different solutions exist for the various complaints one may have in the third trimester, and one of the best ways to obtain information is from others who have been through it before. Reading books, websites, and message boards can provide information that not only matches your symptoms, but also your personality. Searching out others who are going through the same thing can give you a sense of community that can ease your anxiety and .

Always remember to consult with a health care provider before following any herbal or doubtful advice to ensure safety.

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