Third Trimester Exercise – The Key To An Easy And Delivery

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Most women worry about whether it is safe to during , especially as they move into the third trimester. Exercise during pregnancy is safe and recommended by many doctors. However, there are some considerations to ensure your and the safety of your . Read on for some tips on exercising in your third trimester.

During the third trimester of pregnancy, women must consider their exercise routines carefully. Because the baby is growing rapidly during this stage, pregnancy workouts should be focused on low-impact that don’t jar or jostle the baby.

Pelvic floor exercises are crucial in ensuring the pelvic muscles are strong and in good , particularly during childbirth. However, moderation is key when performing these exercises, as staying in the same position for too long can strain the back.

Also, you must do some stretching. Follow these simple tips to make sure you stretch properly and avoid injury:

-Warm up your muscles with some light activity before stretching
-Don’t overstretch- since you are pregnant, your is known to secrete hormones that actually relax your joints, making them somewhat sensitive. Overstretching would mean damage to your joints.
-Stretch slowly and smoothly
-Hold each stretch for 15–30 seconds
-Breathe normally as you stretch

If you have been doing aerobic exercise during your second trimester, it is now time to stop. You can try using an exercise bike instead. This will not put too much on your body.

Women who remain active during their pregnancy often cite multiple benefits. They often report more energy and less fatigue than those who don’t exercise regularly. Additionally, exercise can reduce back , improve quality, and elevate mood during pregnancy. Most importantly, however, regular exercise can improve general and wellbeing, and can reduce the likelihood of complications during pregnancy.

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