Maintaining Good Health And Parenthood In Pregnancy

A mother has a belief about her child in the womb. There are some expectations of a mother. Sometimes there are reasons due to which the mother gets stressed, disappointed, and angry and so on. This is because of the expectations that are not fulfilled.

Being a mother you should let go of your expectations. You should enjoy your life with whatever you have rather than focusing on what you are missing and what’s not happening. There are some problems during pregnancy but you should overcome it.

You should be able to forgive about the things going on, you should be humble with everyone and most important is you should learn to be satisfied with whatever you have.

When you are free from all of your expectations, then your behaviour changes. Instead of having a negative thought with your partner that he pays less attention to you and your baby, think about your baby. This happens right from start when you show signs of pregnancy. These natures of husbands are quite normal during pregnancy. Have a positive attitude that you are giving birth/giving life to a child.

It feels good that your husband pays some more special attention on you as well as your child. The husband does not pay special attention because when a woman is pregnant they both have very less time for themselves. As women tries to pay her attention on the child first rather than on her husband. It does not mean that the wife does not love his husband. The priority changes for her as her pregnancy progresses.

Sometimes there is thought in the mind of the woman about the things going on in her life. She thinks that she should have done things this way or that way that would have worked for her.

Now it’s time to stop thinking about all this things and stat planning for the time to come about what you have to do. Give time to your child as well as to your love life too, so that your husband does not feel lonely. If you are planning for what to do for the day, make a detailed plan if not the jot it down in a book. This would help you focus on what you want to do.

Some useful tips to have good health and healthy parenthood during pregnancy:

1) Be a part of groups on social networking sites related to pregnancy, health care, etc.

2) Have a close friendship with a member in your family or with your neighbour with whom you can talk and share your feelings.

3) Take care of your health, exercise during pregnancy, diet, etc.

4) Try a massage, different therapies for your body to feel relaxed.

5) Avoid going to parties where you feel uncomfortable.

6) Do not try to pick up much load during pregnancy as it would result in pain in your abdomen and thighs.

7) Do not stand and sit for a long time on a same place. Try to change your positions after regular interval of time.

8) Maintain erect posture and do not wear high heel sandals or shoes this results in bad posture due to the balancing of your abdomen.

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