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Pregnancy – How to Enhance Your Baby’s Intelligence in the Womb

Pregnancy – How to Enhance Your Baby’s Intelligence in the Womb

The ancient Indian scriptures talk about a warrior who mastered a complicated war strategy when he was inside his mother’s womb. Since then, it is believed to be a proven strategy of improving your baby’s potential and laying a strong foundation to shape his personality and intelligence in the fetus stage. It is believed that the bond between the mother and the baby begins from the day the baby is conceived inside your uterus, which is why it is necessary for you to adopt a lifestyle that exudes positive vibes all around you.

Scientists have discovered in their research that babies inside your womb respond to external stimulus. A mother’s hormonal secretions are effected whenever the unborn baby reacts to its mother’s thought processes. You can take steps to communicate with your baby through various methods.

Soothing music – Playing soothing music for your unborn baby will help hone its concentration span in the future. Besides, soothing music will relax you and your baby. After childbirth, if you find your baby unable to sleep through the night, you can play the same music that you played when he was inside you so that the familiar tunes will make him feel secure and safe.

Read Books – You must read books that will make you feel good and happy, as those feelings will get transmitted to your baby. Avoid thrillers, horrors, murder mystery or any such book that may disturb you needlessly.

Talk to your baby – Talk to your baby regularly so he gets familiar with your voice. Tell him about the different things in the house or any general topic in order to get him to learn words and sounds that he will quickly recognize after his birth.

Think positive – Always maintain a happy vibe around you. Stick around with people you love and don’t invite arguments or unnecessary clashes. Keep your thoughts on things that gives you pleasure and be happy.

Practice Yoga – Yoga during pregnancy is best for your baby. Regular practice of certain yogic postures, will stretch your pelvic passage, strengthen your muscles and joints and prepare you to undergo childbirth with ease and minimum pain.

Practice meditation – Meditation and pranayam (breathing techniques), will further smoothen the childbirth process. Meditation will still your chaotic thoughts, provide relief from stress and enhance your physical and mental well-being.

Avoid watching horror films – Your reactions while watching horror films can affect your unborn baby negatively. Sudden body spasms or involuntary jerks, arising out of fear, can get transmitted to your baby and impact its brain. Watching a comedy movie, which will have you shaking heavily with laughter, may also be avoided. You don’t want to precipitate your delivery before time, do you?

Avoid spicy and fermented foods – It would be preferred to avoid these foods only because you may get heartburn, which is a common problem during pregnancy. Spicy foods may also make you feel bloated, give gas trouble or diarrhea.

Eat foods enriched with omega 3 fatty acids – Your diet must contain foods enriched with omega 3 fatty acids as they are said to be very good for brain development. Food enriched in Folic acid is good for the development of your baby’s brain and spinal cord. Consumption of these foods will help you boost your baby’s potential when inside your womb.

These tips can help you to give your baby a head start although there are several external factors too that will impact your baby’s intelligence and potential after his birth.

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