January 28, 2022

Pregnancy Myths Revealed – The 4 Biggest Old Wives Tales

If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, there are a lot of myths and old wives tales out there you may have to deal with. Many people will tell you tall stories and myths regarding your baby and it’s development, and sometimes it can be hard to extract the fact from the fiction. Below is the 4 biggest pregnancy myths out there, with the scientific research answering the myth.

1. Apart from an ultrasound, there is no magical way to determine the sex of your baby – Some people will tell you that you can determine the sex of your baby in a variety of different ways. Some common myths of determining the sex of your baby include if you are carrying your baby high or low, by performing a urine test or depending on your cravings. In reality, none of these things can help you determine the sex of your baby. The only way to determine the actual sex of your baby is to have an ultrasound.

2. The myth of eating for two – Many women use this as an excuse to eat as much food as they can. In reality you are not eating for two adults, and some health professionals claim that a pregnant women may only need to increase her calories by between 300-400 calories per day. This means that if you are pregnant, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will gain heaps of weight during pregnancy. It has also been noted that overweight women can actually stay the same or even lose weight during pregnancy.

3. Drinking alcohol when pregnant – Some people may tell you a few small drinks when pregnant is safe. In reality however, no alcohol should be consumed when pregnant. Alcohol can cause a lot of damage to your developing baby. However, if you have had a big night of drinking a few weeks ago and only recently found out you are pregnant, don’t panic. The majority of complications from alcohol usually occur from repeated binge drinking sessions rather than a one off occurrence.

4. Danger of household appliances – An old wives tale has surrounded the danger of televisions, microwaves and computers around a pregnant mother. Science has shown however that the radiation produced from these devices is extremely miniscule and highly unlikely to harm your developing baby.

These are the 4 biggest pregnancy myths around. Science often finds very little substance to myths and old wives tales. If you are concerned at all about the development of your baby or your pregnancy, always visit your doctor.

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