January 28, 2022

Pregnancy Old-Wives Tales, Fact Or Fiction

Once you began telling individuals you were pregnant will be the second you started hearing all of the old-wives tales about pregnancy. Individuals entire heartedly believe in these tales and swear by them, so what’s reality and what’s fiction. We’ve dug into some of those myths to let you know if you should believe them

. This isn’t true; a baby’s heart rate can vary from 110- to 180 and will change depending on baby’s activity or even in various developmental stages.

A completely distressing wives-tale is that raising your arm over your head causes the umbilical cord to wrap around the child’s neck. Like you are not concerned enough about your pregnancy and then someone describes this, just how awful and it is so far from the truth. There is absolutely no relationship between your arms and the infant’s umbilical cord.

If you absolutely must know the sex of your unborn newborn, then have the medical test done to find out. But most certainly do not attempt the old-wives tale that requires Draino. The color of the crystals after you pee on them is supposed to resolve the gender of the infant. This is just dangerous and absolutely does not work. You could do harm to yourself from the strong chemicals.

Perhaps you have had lots of heartburn with your pregnancy? For those who have then there exists a good chance that your infant is going to have a lot of hair. Yes this is one old-wives tale that has a little truth. John Hopkins University research showed that 82% of the time when women claimed that they had moderate heartburn, they indeed had a child with a lot of hair. Estrogen and progesterone are what produces hair on newborns and this could have effect on you throat thus producing heartburn, So finally we have discovered a myth that has some reality to it medically.

Your body type can determine how you carry your little one. According to what kind of torso you have will establish how you carry your little one. So this means the old-wives tale on how you carry your child determines if you are having a boy or girl is incorrect. Some moms think since they’re carrying their second child in a different way then it must be a different sex. This does not signify at all, it just means that your body has changed.

You no doubt will be amazed at the things you will hear while you’re expecting. Some of these myths are so ridiculous you will ponder how they ever got passed down. Remember that for the most part they’re lore not fact. And stay away from trying any that could do you and the baby harm.

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