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There are a lot of signs experienced by each pregnant woman, but they are not all the same. One woman might experience one symptom while another will experience a completely different one.

When a woman is pregnant the hormones that her produces can cause her to feel nauseated, tired, and lethargic. Sometimes women may experience headaches as well.

{ comes with a lot of uncertainties for first . So before investing in a pregnancy kit, do some research on how to tell whether you are pregnant or not:|Before deciding to get a pregnancy kit, try to go over some signs that tells you whether you are pregnant or not.}

Impeded Menstruation

When you have a missed period, it’s important to take you time, get some blood tests done and consult with a doctor ASAP to discuss the possibilities.

Most women will use a pregnancy test when they think that they might be pregnant or have missed their period.

If you have trouble with your menstrual , it may be because of several things that cause hormonal imbalance. For example, stress, and weight gain are all factors that can impede reproductive for a woman.

Nausea and Vomiting

The first sign of pregnancy is usually nausea followed by vomiting, usually in the morning. The next sign to look out for is excessive sweating and/or hot flashes, often accompanied by a fever.

Around two weeks of your conception, you’re likely to feel nauseous and sick after eating.

During the first trimester, however, many women don’t experience any at all aside from lighter menstrual bleeding than usual.

Slight Bleeding

Some women may experience spotting while the fertilized egg is being implanted in the uterus.

One of the first thoughts many women have that alerts them to a possible pregnancy is when menstrual flow is either very minimal or doesn’t occur.

It is advisable to take a pregnancy test any time you have a doubt on whether or not someone is pregnant. The earlier this happens, the better for everyone.

You might take this as a sign to skip your run because you think you have your period but there’s another meaning behind the and bloating.

Redness of Your Breast

Breasts which are tender or sore can be signs of the changes in your hormone cycle.

When you feel pregnant, it’s probably not because you are. You’re more likely actually experiencing ovulation symptoms.

{ Body Weakness| Body Malaise| Feeling Weak and Tired

Has anyone ever felt as if they just needed to take a step or two yet all of a sudden became so exhausted it was hard for them to continue?

Pregnancy can be the reason to this.

In the first few weeks of your pregnancy, you might actually feel weak frequently so much so that you will find yourself wanting to take naps or actually through the night continuously.

When on a low-carbohydrate , you will feel weak because you’re not getting enough nutrients from the foods you eat.

Aversion combine with Food Craving

When you’re pregnant, your estrogen and progesterone which can make your appetite so strong that certain types of food like asparagus may make you gag just looking or smelling at it. You might start to develop an aversion (a negative feeling) towards some foods while craving others.

From time to time during pregnancy, a woman may find that she craves foods she doesn’t normally consume; often it’s an aversion to those things she normally especially enjoys.

Put the blame on your hormones.


Lightheadedness is due to hypoglycemia and hypotension.

Aches on Your head and Back

Hormonal changes may result to pregnancy signs and symptoms.

{ Now, are you conceiving?| Do you feel that you are pregnant?|

It’s important to note that every woman’s body is unique and so it can be hard to know exactly what your individual symptoms of pregnancy are going to look like in real life.

When you want to get pregnant or find out if you are already, be sure to use the pregnancy test kit that is mentioned above.

When you go through something as life changing as a pregnancy, it’s really important to make sure that everyone knows about it.

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