December 4, 2022

Why Dont I Have Any Pregnancy Symptoms

Youve taken a test, even had it confirmed by your GP, but maybe you still dont have any pregnancy symptoms and dont feel pregnant?

Of course pregnancy is a time of great changes to your body, but it is still possible that you are one of the few women who sail through the whole nine months without ever feeling any pregnancy symptoms. You just get a baby bump.

More likely though is the fact that you just dont feel any of the early pregnancy symptoms in the first few weeks.

But dont worry. Every woman is different and every pregnancy is different too.

Despite what the movies would have us believe, not all women experience nausea ( morning sickness) or food cravings in those early weeks.

The most common early side effect of pregnancy is feeling much more tired than usual. Although this could easily be missed as a symptom and put down to some other reason (working or playing too hard for example!)

Its a uniquely female thing that women spend much of their lives worrying that their thighs, bum or tum look too big. And yet the moment they know they are pregnant they look hopefully for signs of a rounded belly. But some women can go until their fifth or even six month without showing too much.

If you have strong abdominal (tummy) muscles through sport or exercise the chances are you will show later than a woman who has less muscle control.

For some women missing a period is not evidence of a pregnancy. Many women have irregular periods and Illness, dieting, stress, a change in your usual routine (starting a new job, going on holiday) or changing your sleeping pattern can affect your menstrual cycle. Others continue to bleed a little regularly throughout their pregnancy.

But if youve had your pregnancy confirmed by a doctor and you are still not having pregnancy symptoms, consider yourself lucky!

Try not to be anxious and worry that this means your baby is not ok. Remember pregnancy is a condition, not an illness and maybe your body is just more adaptable to the hormone changes going on within.

Its possible that you have some symptoms but hadnt realised they were due to pregnancy.

Did you know, for example, that some women feel more energetic, have a greater sex drive, or a bigger appetite while pregnant?

Of course, no matter whether you are showing or feeling any pregnancy symptoms it is imperative that you stay on schedule for all your prenatal checkups so the doctor can make sure that you and your baby are fit and well and that baby is growing as she should.

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