Myths and if they’re Real

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Being pregnant is an extremely exciting and life-changing experience for a woman that before it may not have even been on the cards for. There are so many changes that will occur in a short amount of time, and by the 9-month mark she’ll be welcoming her into the world. There are many myths associated with folklore which may interest future mothers. Here are a :

Contraceptives are 100% effective

It depends. There is a wide range of contraception , so you can pick the one for your . But not all contraceptive methods are 100% efficient, even condoms as some may know have a 2% chance of breaking.

No to flu shots

Many people are afraid to get a flu shot, believing it could potentially cause serious illness or complications. However, vaccinations like the flu shot are really important during pregnancy as they protect you and your baby from getting sick. Flu shots don’t have anything harmful in them and can help keep you healthy while pregnant!

Table for two

Pregnancy may have you feeling like you can eat everything in sight. Not only will your appetite grow, but a baby inside you means you’ll need more calories to keep your body healthy and energized. However, be careful not to overindulge. Twice the servings of doesn’t mean twice the calories, so keep your portions in check to avoid gaining unnecessary during your pregnancy!

No to the salon

Dying your hair while pregnant can be avoided entirely by using temporary dyes instead. Although there have been reports stating that dying your hair during pregnancy might cause harm to the baby, this should not be a worry for you for two reasons: 1. You would risk damaging the hair anyway by coloring it and 2. There’s never been an actual proven case of a pregnant woman or her child being harmed as a result.

No coffee

Scientists reveal that who drink three or more cups of caffeinated coffee per during their pregnancy will experience pre-mature . Nonetheless, they were unable to find any connection between consumption and premature . Caffeine is safe during pregnancy and a morning cup of Joe will not harm your unborn baby as long as you don’t try to make it a habit.

No sex during pregnancy

A huge misconception is that some couples don’t have sex after becoming parents. Sure, you could go without sex for a month or two, but trust me when I say that regular marital relations are not only suitable but necessary after having a child. Make sure to use lubrication and stay safe!

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