Pregnancy Prenatal Massage Now a Mainstream Treatment in Tampa, Lutz, Carrollwood, and Wesley Chap

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Prenatal or pregnancy massages are now in line with other more popular massages like the Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, Shiatsu, sports massage, and aromatherapy. More and more obstetricians are recommending this therapy for their pregnant patients because of its numerous benefits for the mother and the baby. It is sort of a prescription you’ll be glad to take.

The aches and pains of pregnancy are unlike any other. Hormonal changes even make coping with the stress of pregnancy more difficult. A prenatal massage helps relieve sore back muscles and aching legs. It also helps in the decrease or total elimination of nausea, morning sickness, and mood swings. Studies have also proposed that regular massages during the course of pregnancy reduced postpartum incidence among mothers. This is because the effects of touch therapy help the coping mechanisms of women as they deal with their new body image and new set of responsibilities. It is not only physically therapeutic, but also emotionally an mentally beneficial.

Each treatment is specially designed to answer the needs of expecting women, depending on how far they are with their pregnancy. Attention is also given to those with special conditions because there are times when massages should not be given. Therapists believe that starting early with regular pregnancy massages poses the most benefits. Anything later than the second trimester would be questionable. This is because effects of the treatment are residual and will be felt up until the birth itself.

Unlike a deep tissue massage, back massage, and almost all massages, this type of technique is done while the patient lies on her side. The therapist works on one side of the body after the other, focusing on the back, hips, legs, and arms. Pillows and cushions are positioned to support the belly, the head, and the feet. Leg massages are done last. Therapists are supposed to know certain pressure points to avoid on the leg and foot because it might cause discomfort to the mother or baby. Massage therapists can also assist the mother (and the father) during childbirth. Some women ask for the services of therapists to ease labor pains and hasten the childbirth process. It’s like a back-up support system for the laboring mom. Pregnancy massages can also be given after birth. The massage functions as a means for releasing and soothing labor stress, structural realignment of the pelvis and spine, aid in abdominal restoration, and additional relief from C-sections.

Here are also a few tips from Rebecca Leary, a neuro-muscular therapist, on soothing a few pregnancy woes at home. For a comfortable sitting position while watching the TV, place support cushions on your back and have your partner sit in front of you (on the floor) with his back against your knees. This relieves the pressure on your sacroiliac joint. For a better sleeping position, place a small pillow or rolled-up towel under your waist and belly. Be sure your neck is also supported. Pregnancy will require you to sleep on your side so proper support is important.

You can inquire about prenatal/pregnancy massage from clinics all over Tampa, Lutz, Carrollwood, and Wesley Chapel. Before setting an appointment, make sure your doctor has approved the treatment.

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