Natural Remedies For Common Pregnancy Problems

When it comes to having a , many mothers are concerned about things like this.

-As soon as I became pregnant, I began to notice that I didn’t get the necessary amount of sleep. The most frustrating thing was this inability to go back to sleep if anything disrupts it. Is this normal in ?-

Sleeping at night is a challenge when you’re pregnant. The reasons for that are varied but this post will explain them in detail.

What are the most common of sleeplessness during pregnancy? Some sleep disturbances that pregnant women find hard to tolerate are and restless leg syndrome.

1.Empty the bladder- Yes, one of the most common reasons for not sleeping well during pregnancy is the constant feeling of needing to go pee. This happens because your has increased blood flow so that your kidneys are able to filter extra fluid that’s needed to feed your growing baby. When you lie down to sleep, you hold in some urine and it takes longer to finish processing it by the time you wake up and need to use the restroom again. This adds an extra level of urgency each time you have to get out of bed in the middle of the night, and when this starts happening multiple times on a nightly basis sleep can be difficult come morning

2.Being uncomfortable- Some people find brings on certain changes in their lives, both physical and emotional. One such change is the inability to sleep due to difficulties with sleeping positions. Whether or not they want it to happen, the fetus will often get restless during pregnancy, kick and move around a lot throughout the night causing its mother to be awake as they try sleeping positions to find restful sleep.

3.Dreams and fantasy- Some of the pregnant women may feel extremely excited and nervous, which can either make it hard to relax and fall asleep or even have an adverse effect on their sleeping patterns. During these latter pregnant women often dream vividly in which they might still see themselves as expecting, when in fact their baby bump is getting smaller as it grows older.

4.Heartburn and indigestion- One of the most common ailments among pregnant mommies is heartburn. Aside from craving food, eating habits always change during this time as well! A diet full of spicy foods can cause heartburn. This can be easily prevented by easing up on Red Hot sauce and taking an antacid when necessary! Indigestion occurs because of changes in the stomach pattern due to the baby growing inside you. If you find yourself unable to sleep at night, try lying on your side and elevate your feet if needed .

How can one overcome stressful situations to get a good night’s rest?

If you find yourself not getting enough sleep at night, here are some tips that could you get back on track and see the amount of rest you need to be and functional. Stop staring at a clock or checking the time every seconds in hopes of passing the time faster and helping your body’s internal clock get into a normal sleeping routine. Also, stop trying to sleep during daylight hours as it can actually make it impossible to fall asleep when it’s time for bed.

You might consider treating yourself to a hot bath, some delicious warm milk and sensual music to lull you off to sleep. Maybe try eating less spicy food as it could make you feel discomfort. You might also want to enjoy a beloved book or two that you wont usually read just to unwind! The temperature in your room is of utmost importance when helping you fall asleep too so make sure the environment is either cool or warm, dark and cozy if not both so that it’s easy for you to relax once your head hits the – and do keep those tensions of yours at bay!

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