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In the past, wasn’t as complicated. I mean, you didn’t have to do anything at all to prevent . There was no such thing as a Chinese baby calendar or fertility drug to complicate matters with!

Back in the old days, worked at as housekeepers and their husbands went to and supported their family financially. Today, very mothers stay home. Our lifestyles have changed exponentially over the past 50 years. Technology and manufacturing have altered not only how we live and work, but also where we live and work.

Making ends meet is a constant struggle. You need every extra penny you can get your hands on and it seems like at times there’s never enough cash in the bank to pay each month’s bills. It could be worse though – back in my day the cost of living wasn’t even nearly what it is now so things really have improved for the better!

I can tell you from my own experience, which many entrepreneurs like to think of as a thrilling roller coaster ride; the feeling of anxiety and debt that can build up over time. Starting a business is full of obstacles, setbacks, and unexpected consequences.

In some cases, debt can destroy your happiness. I was born in a hospital in 1945 and the total bill only came to $46.50. Nowadays, you would be hard pressed to find a medical procedure that costs less than a thousand dollars. The cost of living is prohibitively high so it’s important to understand this financial burden when considering the pros and cons of switching jobs.

Acquiring PregnantSymptoms In accordance with

First Trimester

In these next three months, you both will learn a great deal about each other in terms of how your bodies grow and change.

– Any-time-of-the-evening sickness — The morning sickness that affects many pregnant women can be difficult to handle. It often happens during the first trimester (the first few months) of pregnancy. So if you suffer from it, try not to think about it! You’re probably at work when it hits; just try and think about something else for a little bit of time. Then in a couple of hours you’ll feel better and your day will go smoother as you’ll already have familiarized yourself with the proceedings.

– Fatigue — Most mothers would get very tired during their first trimester as a result of the excessive effects on hormones and gain. Even so, most of this are considered to go away in following 12th to 14th weeks.

– Breast alterations — Your breasts will develop into bigger and more tender mounds of flesh as your estrogen and progesterone levels surge. The areola and nipples around the edge of the breast will grow larger, darker in color and much more prominent.

– Bloating — As your baby grows and develops, weight gain is to be expected. At times the surrounding area of the abdomen will look swollen or puffy due to increased tissue levels in the body. These changes are due to elevated estrogen and progesterone levels.

– Other symptoms Apart from , feeling a need to urinate frequently, being in constant pain and headaches, you’ll also most probably experience strain on your other muscles.

Second trimester

There are generally few complications at this stage of pregnancy, although your energy and disposition can change somewhat. By the time you reach about 24 weeks and beyond, many of your baby’s major organs are in place. Some women may have a hard time finding their keys at this stage in pregnancy.

Heartburn — When your body produces more progesterone hormone and elevated levels of the uterus, you’re likely to experience the burning sensation often known as heartburn when digestive acid rises upward toward your esophagus.

– Burping and passing of gas — There are a lot of embarrassing things that will happen to you around this time including but not limited to passing gas and burping when you might feel it’s inappropriate.

– Groin pain — Among 17 to 24 weeks of gestation, one can experience minor pain in their groin from standing too long.

– Other symptoms — like runny noses, nose bleeds, bleeding gums, etc. may occur during this time; if they persist it may be to seek a doctor’s attention.

Third Trimester

When a baby is forming and growing inside you, it’s exciting to know there’s someone new on the way. Lots of moms-to-be experience cramping, extra vaginal discharge or bleeding as well as having morning sickness and also tiredness during the first 3 trimesters. But don’t worry – by the final trimester your care supplier will likely have you feeling better than ever in anticipation of delivering your bundle of joy!

It’s difficult to find a night’s sleep when you’re awoken four or five times in a row during the evening.

– Short of breath — A common symptom that’s sure to build over your pregnancy is shortness of breath specifically just prior to .

Stretch marks — Bride-to-be? A common problem that all pregnant women have, stretch marks are something that no bride-to-be can wish away!

– Incontinence — If you cough, sneeze or laugh, it’s possible that you’ll peed yourself.

– Other symptoms — Other signs and symptoms include back pain (known as sciatica), dilated veins at your lower extremities (referred to as varicose veins).

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