Everything You Wanted to Know About Pregnancy and Childbirth


Congratulations on being pregnant! Welcome to the whole new world of parenthood. Parenthood is a long cherished dream of countless couples and to be one of those capable parents is an art. To accomplish this, it is therefore imperative to start grooming yourself from the moment you realize that you have conceived. For this, you might consider going for Antenatal Classes.

The objective: The aim behind attending these classes is fairly simple, to prepare oneself for labor, pregnancy and early parenthood. These classes guide you through each of the above mentioned phases, smoothly. The structure of the course might be different at different clinics, but the following points must be included to make this program effectual:

  • Discussion on various antenatal screening tests.
  • Comprehensive information about the process of labor, child birth and postpartum developments.
  • Details of medical procedures and interventions.
  • Extensive training on pregnancy preparation.
  • Complete know how on relaxation methodologies.
  • Ample discussion on various types of birthing positions.
  • Information about a range of pain relief practices.
  • Instructions on massage skills and breathing techniques.
  • Extensive doubt handling sessions
  • Information on caesarian section, assisted labor etc.
  • Counseling with a psychologist in case of emotional turbulences.
  • Training on pelvic and floor exercises.
  • Guidance on vaccination schedule.
  • Family planning assistance.
  • The pregnant lady is cautioned against the use of many drugs.
  • Yoga for the maintenance of flexibility and stamina.
  • Encouragement to listen to music and read books to calm the temperament and elevate the spirits.
  • Learning the art of using diaper and swaddling techniques effectively.
  • Discussing in detail about the effective breast feeding.
  • Though every pregnant woman is encouraged to get enrolled for these classes, but there are some high risk women who must get enrolled by all means. Special cases are:
  • Aged primi (pregnant women above the age of 30 years)
  • Risk associated with Preeclampsia and Eclampsia
  • Anemic women
  • Women pregnant with twins
  • Women having a history of still birth, IU death etc.
  • Women with diabetes and other disorders which might affect pregnancy.

The Role of Husband Pregnancy comes with a hoard of complications as well, such as nausea, mood swings, and physical stress etc. During this phase, a woman needs constant support and reassurance. This is the time when her husband should stand by her as a pillar of support. He must also get completely involved with her during the antenatal classes to get abreast with all the stages such as pre pregnancy, pregnancy and post pregnancy. This is the time when he can strengthen his bonds of love and togetherness with his wife.

One of the hospitals in Delhi providing excellent Antenatal care is Adiva,
where the primary aim of the training staff is to ensure the total well being and health of a mother and baby, at the end of the pregnancy


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