Frequently Asked Pregnancy Questions

Couples looking to get pregnant, especially for the first time, often have a long list of questions they would like to ask their doctor or anyone with some experience. The following are the most frequently asked pregnancy questions and their corresponding answers.

1.What time of the month is most suitable for conception?
The first of the pregnancy questions that any woman who wants to try for a child, is this. The probability of conception is highest at that time of the month that you are ovulating. This period, known as the ovulation period, is roughly two weeks from the end point of your last period, if you have a regular menstrual cycle. There are different ways to calculate this time accurately taking basal body temperature every morning and noting the period between spikes in the graph, using various fertility kits available in the market, etc. However, regular intimacy between you and your partner through the course of the month is certainly the best and most enjoyable way by which you can conceive.

2.How long will it take to conceive, if I have been on birth control for a long period of time?
This is one of those tricky pregnancy questions which dont have a fixed answer. The time taken for you to get fertile again, is dependent on your body metabolism. Some women are ready to have a child in a very short period of time after stopping birth control, while there are others that take up to a few months to get ready for conceiving a child after they stop taking birth control measures. A visit to your ob-gyn specialist is highly recommended if you want to wean off birth control and be able to conceive a child, as he or she would give you adequate instructions for stopping the same as well as any other precautions or hurdles that you may face while trying to conceive.

3.What exactly is a breech baby?
The term breech baby is used to define a situation wherein the baby is not facing head-down, which is the normal condition requisite for a healthy normal delivery. One of the important pregnancy questions is whether it is a situation that can be rectified, and the answer is a resounding yes. By the end of the second trimester, it is easy to detect via ultra-sound scans, if the baby is in the normal position or the breach position. If the child is in the breach position in the uterus, there is a medical procedure referred to as external cephalic version performed in order to facilitate the normal delivery of the child. This is performed close to the due date, and can even be performed during labor, in rare cases.

4.What is the recommended healthy diet during pregnancy?
There isnt any need to eat for two, when you are pregnant. This answer is significant, as this one of those pregnancy questions that helps all aspiring mothers to not be misled by popular advice handed out by a number of ill-informed people. You need a little over two hundred calories extra during pregnancy, which is equivalent to bread toast with butter or margarine. During pregnancy, you will benefit by eating a balanced diet consisting of adequate quantities of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water. Remain hydrated throughout the day, and ensure that you eat a lot of fibrous fruits and vegetables during the period.

5.What are some ways to get ready for labor?
This is perhaps one of the most important pregnancy questions asked by pregnant women. Your body needs to be both physically as well as mentally prepared for labor. Doing pelvic exercises is one way to strengthen your pelvic muscles that undergo a lot of stress during pregnancy. Also, indulge in meditation, Lamaze, and other spiritual and highly relaxing exercises in order to be prepared for labor. A calm mind and a strong body will help you through the process easily, and enable you to welcome your child into the world with joy.

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