How To Increase Chances For Twin Pregnancy

Many women who are over the age of 30 (later 30s) have a higher chance of conceiving twins than a woman in her early twenties. The chance increases from three percent to five percent. If you have already been pregnant then your chances of pregnancy also increase. If you have already had twins your chances increase on another fine pair.

The strongest natural inclination towards a twin pregnancy comes from a family history of twins. Even if the twins in your family have skipped generations, you still have an increased chance of becoming pregnant with twins completely naturally simply because it runs in your family. Women who are into their 30’s also have a higher chance of a twin pregnancy, as the odds increase along with maternal age.

Those women who have been consecrated on conceiving twins are said to have come from an ancestors of twins. Part of this is correct for the capability to hyper ovulate is inherited and a lady may perhaps accede this from the maternal side. Whereas this can be one of the most apparent traditions in, conceiving twins there are moreover additional causes that may possibly accelerate a woman’s hyper ovulation procedures that can lead to multiple births.

Women can get pregnant if you have an intercourse during your ovulation period and one of the sperm should go directly to the egg the woman released. Female releases only 1 egg per month, but some women have some sort of irregularity that in some cases, the woman releases 2 eggs that might as well conceive twins. So, 12 months mean 12 opportunities for you to get pregnant.

Stuff yourself with yams. Yes, in spite of how weird that may sound to you, it is based on the National Organization of Mothers of Twins. Making it a habit to eat yams can actually help in boosting your chances to conceive twins. How? Well this is because some people believe that this root product contains certain chemicals which causes women to ovulate more than usual, therefore increasing the chances of a woman being able to conceive multiples.

If you want to know how to get pregnant with twins there are simple methods you can use to increase your chances. Taking a folic acid supplement daily is very good, not only for inducing pregnancy and keeping the baby healthy but also if you are trying for twins.

While identical twins have no familial connection, it is true that fraternal twins can run in the family. Female fraternal twins score an impressive one in 17 chance of giving birth to their own set of fraternal twins, probably because many carry a gene for hyperovulation, which means they sometimes release more than one egg during ovulation. And, if a woman has already given birth to fraternal twins, the chance of another set increases fourfold.

Dairy products increase the chance of twin pregnancy. A research was conducted on dairy products stating that women who drink a lot of milk and eat beef show five higher chances of giving birth to twins than those who are vegetarian.

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