September 27, 2022

Silvia Elastin Ampoules in Pregnancy

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Pregnant women worry about the stretch marks that may appear after pregnancy. Women are getting pregnant at a later stage of their life nowadays and the elastin levels in skin are not optimum therefore there is a high risk of stretch marks after pregnancy because of these decreased elastin levels. Stretch marks is a concern for all pregnant women but also for all women that intend to become pregnant in their future. And it’s this substance that directly leads to stretch marks and sagging loose skin.


Elastin is a protein in connective tissue that is elastic and allows many tissues in the body to resume their shape after stretching or contracting. Elastin helps skin to return to its original position when it is poked or pinched.

It is primarily composed of the amino acids glycine, valine, alanine, and proline. Elastin is made by linking many soluble tropoelastin protein molecules, in a reaction catalyzed by lysyl oxidase, to make a massive insoluble, durable cross-linked array. The amino acid responsible for these cross-links is lysine. Desmosine and isodesmosine are both found in elastin.

Our natural Elastin is no longer renewed. With aging, the elastic fibers progressively degenerate and separate into fragments. The skin progressively loses its elasticity and lines and wrinkles start appearing. This damage to our elastic tissue cannot be avoided and is part of our natural (physiological) aging process. This process begins relatively early but accelerates considerably after age of 40.

Elastin owes its properties to its thin structure which resembles that of rubber. Alta Care laboratoires defines elastin as the rubber of the organism. Elastin is the protein responsible for our skin’s essential elasticity and tonicity. Its decrease means aging and it can be said that -we are as old as our elastic fibers’. As we we age, we stop producing elastin for our skin. The skin starts sagging, allowing lines, folds and wrinkles to appear and grow. This is the reason why Elastin is of the utmost importance in dermo-cosmetology as it can compensate for the loss of elastic matter in the derm. Only Dermastir Elastin biopeptides are soluble and small enough were proven to regenerate and replenish our level elastin in our skin, and thus make it look much younger.

There are three types of -elastin- available on the market: 1 -Hydrolysed Elastin- penetrates the dermis but had lost all its elasticity as its -rubber- molecular cross-links were first destroyed in the hydrolysation process. 2 -Native Elastin- has too large a molecules and cannot penetrate the skin. It just sits on the skin surface. Useless. 3 Dermastir Elastin behaves like natural Elastin and restores our skin natural elasticity, hydration and tonicity. Elastin is best presented in glass ampoule form because only in this way you have a guarantee that the elastin that you purchased will arrive to the skin when applying the ampoule. Directions of Use Break the top of the skincare ampoule. Distribute the precious serum directly on the skin or mix in a cream or in a mask. Massage delicately on the interested areas until completely absorbed. Before and after pregnancy – Phase 1 : Apply one elastin ampoule in the morning and one elastin ampoule at night every seven days for a month – Phase 2 : To consolidate the obtained results repeat phase 1. During pregnancy – Phase 1 : Apply one elastin ampoule in the morning and one elastin ampoule at night every three days for 9 months

Silvia elastin ampoules can be used before and during pregnancy. The ampoules can be mixed with a hydrating lotion or even applied on their own on the parts of the body with high risk to develop stretch marks. One box of Silvia elastin with 20 ampoules costs 48 euros meaning 1 ampoule costs 2,4 euros. The ampoules can be purchased either individually or as a box of 20 ampoules from a pharmacy. Warnings : Do not expose yourself to the sun. Avoid contact with eyes and in case rinse with water. The skincare ampoule tip must be broken by using a piece of cloth.

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