January 28, 2022

Role of Obstetricians During the Pregnancy and Child Delivery

Having the best health care is one of the most important things to be considered. The obstetrician provides you with the guidance about mother’s health and as well as her babies’ health. An obstetrician is doctor who is specialized in taking care of the surgical care of women and their babies at the time of pregnancy, during child birth and post natal care. Without any proper care, it is difficult to meet the various health needs of the just born babies. So taking the help of the obstetrician is mandatory. Obstetrician Daytona Beach provides the best service in this regard.

An obstetrician is trained in obstetrics and gynecology (OBGYN) in general. The various specializations of these obstetricians are pregnancy and post natal or post partum care and delivery. Obstetrician also performs ultrasounds which is usually done in the First trimester and at 12th week and at 20th week of pregnancy. This ultrasound is done in order to determine the health status of the fetus and to detect any complications of the fetus (if any), and it also helps in determining the gestational period. The obstetricians are involved in various surgical procedures and the surgical procedures done by them include episiotomy and Vaginal and Cesarean deliveries. Perhaps, these obstetricians do not deal with the treatment of any disease, but they are involved in dealing with any sort of complications if arises during the child birth like sepsis, prolapsed cord, uterine rupture, placental abruption, fetal distress, obstetrical hemorrhage, shoulder dystocia, pre eclampsia and ectopic pregnancy. Where as a gynecologist is concerned with the reproductive care of women.

The obstetricians Daytona Beach are enriched with skills to care of both the mother and child. They extend their best in offering the patients with sophisticated services and will also guide about the care which should be taken after the delivery. In Daytona Beach, provides the patient with the complete set of gynecology which includes the team work of obstetrics, PMS, menopause and prenatal care. With the change time, the medical needs of the babies and their mother also change. So, the care taken differs from time to time. i.e. for just born baby, the medical needs and the care which should be taken is different from the medical needs and the care which is taken for one month old baby. Even Before the birth, the obstetricians will take care about the growth of fetus in the womb of the mother and detect if there are any complications.

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