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Teen pregnancy is one of the front runner of all the teen issues facing our youngsters today. Yet having the least cost for its prevention. When faced with this teen issue there are several ways to address it.

Is the pregnancy a welcomed event for both parties or is it a mistake by not taking the steps to prevent the pregnancy? Whatever the case may be teen health is the number one consideration after the fact, for the mother to be.

Has she been seen by her physician to insure she has not contracted any STD (sexually transmitted diseases) that my harm the mother or baby? Is the mother of baby bearing age and physically able to bear the child to full term? Are the parent’s blood types compatible with each other?

There are many other important questions related to teen health and teen pregnancy. We strongly recommend that the woman have a full screening by a practicing physician or medical doctor. Having sex by under age teens is a serious matter. It is a life or death matter.

If the teen pregnancy is going to continue through to full term and birth, there are other considerations like how the mother and child are going to be provided for. There is a wide variety of likely scenarios.

Here is one of a small list of home business ideas that has broad appeal and has been found to be bold and outgoing for many young mothers. It is to earn money online, it is bold and outgoing because it is not the usual way most people prefer to make a steady income.

Normally, people work a regular dollar per hour job, usually 8-hour days and a 40-hour workweek. Adding an about 2-hour commute time per day giving you about a 50-hour workweek.

Now consider this, the time and costs for someone to take care of the baby while you are at work. I am not going to bore you to death with all the sorted details, but suffice it to say that you will need to make some serious money on your hourly job to make ends meet.

Teen pregnancy is double duty for young mothers. They must work their 8-hour day job and must also work to provide for their family. Consider this scenario; if you are working from home you will instantly save 10 hours per week in commute time.

You can effectively subtract the time and costs for someone taking care of the baby while you are at work. You can now take care of your baby while you are working from home.

Also consider this, if the company you work for is your own business as well as an online business you become the boss and CEO. There will be no more hourly rituals to earn your income; best of all you get 100% of all revenue that comes into the company. How great is that!

Your revenue is contingent on how much increased web site traffic you generate not how many hours you put into your business. There are other online options for making money online but this scenario is the best way to have ultimate control of your life when you have to deal with teen pregnancy issues like taking care of yourself and an infant.

The last word is that if abortion and adoption is out of the question, the option you take to provide for yourself and your baby is a life sentence.

Resource: Ted Morgan is 60 years old and paralyzed due to 3 seriously disabling strokes. For the last few years since 1996 he has been learning to build an Internet business that generates a living wage. With the help of his tutors he is now in business online. He wishes to share his knowledge with those that have a similar vision for owning their own Internet business. Click this link for your free:WAHM Masters Course

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