Vaginal PH Before and How it Affects Conceiving a Boy Or a Girl Baby

Your vaginal PH and whether it’s acid or alkaline is one criteria that can affect whether you ultimately conceive a boy or a girl. I get a lot of correspondence about this topic. So, in the following article, I’m going to tell you how and why this criteria becomes important in natural selection.

Alkaline Or Acidic: Why It Matters In Terms Of Your ’s Gender: First off, let’s understand what is actually happening when you are trying to conceive. Your partner or the -to-be provides the sperm that will fertilize your egg and hopefully ultimately result in a . This sperm contains both X and Y chromosomes. If a Y chromosome ends up fertilizing the egg, you will get a boy or male baby. If it turns out to be an X instead, then you will be the parent of a girl baby or a daughter.

However, as all of the sperm make their way to the egg they are going to potentially meet with things that is either going to be their ally or their enemy. For example, speed is a friend of the Y or boy producing sperm. is the friend of X or girl producing sperm, while it is the enemy of the Y’s. Luckily, the Y’s can reach their destination much more quickly since they do not live as long. The X’s take a bit longer to get there, but they can afford this because they live longer.

While they are on this trip, they must pass through your vaginal tract which is usually either acidic or alkaline. This can and does make a difference. If you’re more alkaline, you’re slightly more likely to conceive a boy. If you’re more acidic, you’re slightly more likely to conceive a girl. Remember when we talked about allies and enemies? Well, acid is the enemy to the Y’s and vice versa.

Knowing Where You Fall And Changing What Already Is If You’re Not Happy With This: You can actually find out what you have to with by testing your PH with strips you can often get online, in a store, or at some specialty pharmacies. This will tell you where you are in the beginning of the process. Some are lucky and are already precisely where they need to be. If you’re not, don’t worry too much because you can change this.

PH is typically changed by changing your or douching methods. If you’re in a real hurry or are having trouble getting the results that you want with one method, you can try both at the same time. Many people will get into the habit of testing regularly to see if what they are doing is working day by day. This allows you to tweak your regimen until you know precisely what gives you the results that you need. This also tells you when you are ready to try to conceive.

PH Is Only One Piece Of The Puzzle: As I see it, there are really three variables that you can control. This is true whether you are trying to conceive a girl or a boy. You need to control your timing because you’re more likely to get a boy if you conceive after ovulation and are more likely to conceive a girl if you have intercourse before this occurs.

Next, your sexual positions can make a difference. Shallow penetration favors girls and deep deposits favor boys. PH is sort of the last piece of the puzzle because it often take the longest to achieve, as well as takes the most effort. This doesn’t mean though, that’s it’s any more or less important than the other variables. But, it’s usually the one that intimidates people the most. This really doesn’t have to be the case though. If you use the strips, take it day by day, and test regularly to see what’s working and what isn’t, it usually isn’t all that difficult to get to where you need to go to get the gender that you want.

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